Comics with Tough Female Superheroes

Anyone who's ever said fighting like a girl is an insult hasn't read enough comics. With Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe on March 8, there's no better time to read up on some other awesome, superpowered women. 

Kamala Khan—Ms. Marvel

When Kamala Khan discovers she has superpowers, she takes on the old mantel of her hero, Carol Danvers. The new Ms. Marvel is funny and down-to-earth as she juggles the responsibilities of being a hero with her life as a normal Muslim girl from New Jersey. 

Laura Kinney—Wolverine/X-23

Cloned from the DNA of the original Wolverine, Laura Kinney was raised to be a killer. You may know her from the movie Logan, but there's more to Laura's story. Start at the beginning with X-23, or jump straight into her life as the All-new Wolverine

Barbara Gordon—Batgirl/Oracle

Much like Carol Danvers, Barbara Gordon has been around for a long time. Babs is the original Batgirl (fighting crime since the 1960s!) and kept fighting crime after losing the use of her legs as Oracle, expert hacker of the Birds of Prey

A-Force, Bombshells

These superpowered women don't always fight alone! If you can't get enough female superheroes, check out the the mega team-ups in Marvel's A-Force and DC Comics: Bombshells

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