Back-to-School Blues: Teen Fiction with Blue Covers

It's that time of year already: When returning to school can trigger all kinds of feels and leave you singing the back-to-school blues. Why not soothe those blues with a great book? Here are some teen titles with blue covers to match your mood.

If you're looking for a mystery to keep you on the edge of your seat, Truly Devious is for you. When true-crime fanatic Stevie Bell begins her first year at a private school for gifted students, she's determined to solve a case that's baffled police for years. The wife and daughter of the school's founder were kidnapped shortly after the school opened in the 1930s, with only a letter signed by Truly Devious left behind. Strange things begin to happen, and Truly Devious makes a comeback after 80 years.

Ramona Blue is destined for more in life, but responsibilities pile up for this teen devoted to her family. After Hurricane Katrina, Ramona, her father and her sister moved into a trailer park in Eulogy, Miss. Ramona finds it difficult to see a future for herself after high school, especially now that her sister is pregnant. As if things couldn't get more complicated, Ramona, one of two out lesbians in Eulogy, develops feelings for her childhood friend Freddie when he comes back to town. Maybe life and love are more fluid than she thought?

If you like dragons, fantasy and adventure, Tess of the Road is your blue-plate special. Tess is a spirited young woman who thirsts for knowledge and adventure despite living in the medieval—and patriarchal—kingdom of Goredd. After a heartbreaking experience, Tess is chastised and forced to help her twin marry into a well-to-do family, while hoping she still has a place in their society. But when Tess embarks on journey of self-discovery, she begins to heal.