Apocalypse How?

Have you ever wondered what kind of survival skills would be needed to survive an apocalypse? Chances are that with the popularity of TV shows such as The Walking Dead or The Last Man on Earth, you’ve likely given it some thought.

While the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse or some Mad Max version of society is slim, it doesn’t hurt to be at least a little prepared in case civilization takes a turn for the worst. Here are a few books that may just teach you a thing or two that could save your life. 

100 Deadly Skills

What better way to learn how to survive the most challenging of circumstances than from a Navy SEAL? Retired SEAL Clint Emerson provides self-defense, evasion and immobilization skills that can help you survive imminent danger.

The Survival Handbook

Learning how to survive the outdoors is a critical skill to learn. Written by Colin Towell, a survival instructor for the US and UK militaries, this book gives instruction on how to make shelters, find water, hunt, cook and live off the land.

SAS Survival Handbook

Be prepared for any type of emergency or disaster with this book, designed to be the ultimate guide for survival. This book covers many topics such as surviving nuclear or chemical attacks, escaping from kidnapping and making fires.

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