5 Articles: Take Better Photos

Have you vowed to take better photos this year? Whether you've just received a new gadget or you're a selfie superstar, there are many ways to improve your skills.

Check out these five articles on taking better photos. You can read these articles using CPL's Online Resources.

"47 Tips for Better Photos (on a Camera or Smartphone)"
Travel & Leisure, October 2017
Choose just a few things to do from this comprehensive list of tips from the editors of Travel & Leisure magazine, and your photos will be sure to wow in the coming year.

"How to Shoot a Great Dog Photo" by Allen St. John
Consumer Reports, April 4, 2017
Get down on the floor with your furry friend and capture cute, artistic and fun photos of dogs.

"Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Garden and Wildlife" by Melissa Kossler
St. Louis Post, Dispatch, July 16, 2017
Make your backyard or the local park your photography studio and capture animals, flowers and all creatures in nature with these tips.

"Five Photography Errors to Stop Making Right Now" by Linda Maki and Steve Wild
The Macleod Gazette, March 8, 2017
Learn simple tips on where to stand, why the sun's position matters and more to quickly improve your photos.

"This 52-Week Challenge Will Improve Your Photography Skills in 2018" by Michael Zhang
PetaPixel, December 27, 2017
Join this ongoing challenge for inspiration on what to shoot, and connections with other photographers.

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