5 Articles: Get the Facts on the COVID-19 Vaccine

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues in 2021, there are signs of hope for the future, including the development and distribution of a vaccine that will put us on a path to a return to normal life. As with all health information, it is vital to get the facts from reliable and expert sources. Even if you've already taken our 15 minute Chicago DigitalLearn course about how to find trustworthy information, Online Health Information, you may be looking for more specific details on the COVID-19 vaccine.  Here are 5 articles that will help you understand the development of the vaccine, how it works, and what it may mean for you.

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How To Beat COVID This Year by Mike Zimmerman
AARP Bulletin, Jan/Feb 2021
People over the age of 65 are at higher risk of COVID-19 complications and death and will be among the first group of the general public to be vaccinated. This AARP Bulletin article answers common questions of importance to seniors.  

Black Woman, Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, Developed the Scientific Approach to the Coronavirus Vaccine by Stacy M. Brown
Chicago Citizen - Hyde Park Edition, January 6, 2021
Among the many heroes who will be recorded in history is Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, an accomplished scientist who laid the foundation for the development of the vaccine. This article talks about her background and commitment to building trust in the African-American community. 

The Covid-19 Manhattan Project by Ed Young
Atlantic, vol. 327, no. 1, January 2021
Our world has changed in many ways during the pandemic, and one is that science and vaccine development will never again be the same. Learn about how scientists around the world came together to quickly research and develop a vaccine, and how what they learned could impact future scientific research, in this in depth article.

One Vaccine Side Effect: Global Economic Inequality by Peter S. Goodman
New York Times, December 25, 2020
This article explores the challenges facing developing countries lacking financial and other resources, and how they will continue to be affected by the lack of equal access to the vaccine in years to come. 

What the Lightening-Fast Quest for COVID Vaccines Means For Other Diseases by Phillip Ball
Nature, January 2021
Many people have been amazed at how fast a COVID-19 vaccine was able to be developed, but even more amazing is what it might mean for future vaccine development. 

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