3, 2, 1, Go: Racing Stories for Kids

Do you have dreams of becoming the next Usain Bolt? Maybe you just want to be the fastest kid in school! No matter your speed, these reads will have you lacing up and racing through the pages!

Zulay is good at math and loves to sing. She also is blind and just learning to use her cane. What happens when she decides she wants to run in the Field Day race? Find out in My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay.

Alta is The Quickest Kid in Clarksville, even though her running shoes are worn OUT. When she meets Charmaine, who has the newest, slickest sneakers, and claims she’s the fastest kid in town, Alta begins to doubt herself. Will it be enough to keep her from a parade celebrating her hero?

What do you do when your parents make you run track instead of play football? Sadiq thinks running in circles is wimpy, until his coach teaches him that running races can be fun as well in Sadiq and the Fun Run.

Maniac Magee is a legend. He can run forever and beat the socks off of the high school football star. But Maniac has his own problems, and a racially divided town is definitely not helping.

Ghost and his team could qualify for the Junior Olympic track team, they are that good. But Ghost is too busy running: running away from his past, and everyone that could help him. Will anyone understand him if Ghost slows down long enough to listen?