Catching Up on High School Summer Reading

Books piled on bookshelf

Maybe memories of high school aren't too far in your distant past, or maybe your son or daughter is enjoying the remaining days of summer before high school starts, or maybe you know a high schooler who is dreading their assigned summer reading. Or, more realistically, you're like me and blew off those high school summer reading assignments until just […]

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Grin and Bear It through the Holidays

Ah, it's the time of year that your phone lights up with calls and texts about holiday plans—an argument or two may even ensue. Your partner is not thrilled to spend another Christmas with your crazy clan that's called family and you're even less elated to sit through another dinner featuring Aunt Gertrude's green bean casserole […]

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What to Cook When the Thanksgiving Leftovers Are All Gone?

featured image

The last of the turkey has been eaten. The fridge is now officially void of Thanksgiving leftovers and you probably don't want to look at turkey, stuffing and brussels sprouts casserole until around this time in 2015. If you're an at-home gourmand and looking to venture out and try out some new recipes, I encourage you to check […]

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Don’t Forget About Them Apples!

Box of green apples

The crunch of leaves under my feet, the pumpkins and bales of hay that adorn front lawns and the cool temperatures are just a few of the things I love about Fall. For passionate home-cooks like myself, the change of seasons also signals different foods that become abundant during the Fall harvest. Soups and stews […]

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Lights! Camera! Action! Celebrating the Work of Polish Film Directors

Poland is known for many things—it's the country that introduced us to delicious little dumplings called pierogi and the country that scientist Marie Currie Skodowska called home. But Poland is also known for its many famous film directors. As we celebrate Polish American Heritage Month, I encourage you to check out some movies by well-known […]

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Just Like Baba Used to Make!

Pierogi on a plate

We're celebrating Polish American Heritage Month during the month of October. Did you know that Polish is the third most spoken language in Chicago? Yup, Chicago is home to about 185,000 Polish language speakers and many more that have Polish ancestry. Chicago also offers a wealth of authentic Polish restaurants—many can be found in neighborhoods on Chicago's […]

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Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

Cherries on a cherry tree

We know life isn't always a bowl of cherries, despite how much we'd like it to be, unless of course you happen to be visiting Door County, Wisconsin. Aside from abundant cherry farms and roadside stands where you can pick up pints of fresh cherries, jams, cherry pie and even cheese with chunks of cherries in it, Door […]

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After You’ve Read Everything by Jennifer Weiner

Books stacked on a table

Women's fiction fans - we may be few but we're certainly proud! Sometimes it feels as if we are in a reading rut - waiting for our favorite women's fiction authors to come out with their next release. Believe me, I scour the web and have carefully organized lists of titles and authors and even upcoming […]

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

homegrown tomatoes, hot peppers and zucchini

Are you a veteran vegetable gardener? Do you spend hundreds of dollars each spring on flats of flowers? Or are you a rookie simply trying your hand at a couple tomato plants in the backyard and still trying to remember the difference between an annual and perennial? Whether you need some tips on how to get […]

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Fired Up for Grilling Season

ribs, garlic bread and cole claw

Memorial Day is around the corner and that means grills on balconies, decks and patios all across Chicago are starting to see some serious action (unless you're a hardcore king or queen of the Q and your grill knows no such thing as a polar vortex). Besides stocking up on propane or charcoal—the propane vs. charcoal is one of […]

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