Julia Roberts Turns 50!

Hollywood film star Julia Roberts turns 50 on October 28. To celebrate her birthday, we're highlighting some of her work, both past and upcoming. Julia Roberts became a star at 23 with her romantic comedy Pretty Woman, about Vivian Ward, a beautiful prostitute who finds happily ever after with a wealthy businessman played by 1980s […]

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What’s Your Street Style?

Street style is fashion that people wear in everyday urban life. You don't need money or designer labels to participate, and it stresses individuality over conformity. Paris Street Style showcases women who specialize in "the cultivation of effortless chic." Although inventiveness is encouraged, there are certain rules like not wearing Converse after age 26 or hair […]

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Growing Native

Despite being a big city, Chicago is home to many types of natural areas from prairie grasslands and woods to wetlands and dunes, and since the days of the renowned Jens Jensen, the city has had an interest in promoting native biodiversity. This means that throughout our parks and nature areas you can find plants native to our […]

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The Chicago Artists’ Archive: Documenting Local Artists

The Chicago Artists’ Archive is a great way to research well-known Chicago artists as well as those who may not be in books or well-represented on the Internet. Since the early 20th century CPL has kept artist files. These fascinating files include a variety of materials, including but not limited to articles, photographs, slides, gallery invitations, […]

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Rachel Carson, Woman for the Earth

In 1962, biologist Rachel Carson was dying of cancer as she launched a war against the deadly pesticides industry. Supported by her soul mate, a married woman named Dorothy Freeman, Carson poured the last energy of her life into Silent Spring, a book that shook the nation, caused the U.S. government to take immediate action and launched the modern environmental movement. […]

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Paint, Paste, Sticker

This year the Chicago art world mourned the loss of Brooks Golden (1974-2014), a street artist featured with Nice One in a 2012 exhibit at the Chicago Public Library curated by Oscar Arriola. Brooks’ legacy lives on in the library’s Chicago Artists’ Archive, which has a rich file on him. Chicago has a long and complicated […]

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