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Audiobook Staff Picks (December 2019)

Check out the latest audiobook recommendations from Chicago Public Library.

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The Second City Turns 60

Celebrate 60 years of improv comedy with one of these books about the famous comedy theater.

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New Chicago DigitalLearn course

Online Resource

Use a computer to do almost anything

Kids at CPL

Homework Help at CPL Locations Citywide

Find answers to all your questions at CPL. Use our free homework help in person or online.

Teens at CPL

Teen Winter Challenge: Submit Your Artwork for Competition

Teens, enter your original artwork in our Teen Winter Challenge competition by January 31. Prize winners will receive a gift card.

Theater at CPL

Quiz: Chicago Theater History

Test your knowledge of Chicago's history on the stage.
Chicago Public Library Northtown Branch mural / Chris Silva

Chicago Public Library Foundation

Make More Possible

This holiday season, the best gift you can give doesn’t fit in a package – access, equity and opportunity for all Chicagoans. A gift so great it takes 81 branches to deliver it.

December Picks

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Share your love for the library this holiday season with CPL merchandise from our online store. A portion of every sale goes to the Chicago Public Library Foundation.

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