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Twelve Days of Teen Books

Looking for a festive novel to read on your holiday break? Try one of these books that our true librarian loves gave to us.

Best of the Best 2019

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Celebrating Chicago-Owned Small Businesses

See photos of Chicago businesses from our special collections.

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New Chicago DigitalLearn course

Online Resource

Use a computer to do almost anything

Kids at CPL

Warm Winter Reads: Picture Books for Kids

Celebrate the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, with these cozy picture books.

Teens at CPL

Teen Winter Challenge: Submit Your Artwork for Competition

Teens, enter your original artwork in our Teen Winter Challenge competition by January 31. Prize winners will receive a gift card.

December Picks

Show Your Support

Share your love for the library this holiday season with CPL merchandise from our online store. A portion of every sale goes to the Chicago Public Library Foundation.

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