Wild Animals as Pets

News Literacy Summer Learning Challenge

About 15,000 primates live as pets in the United States. Could a monkey be your pet? Observe the behavior of a baby monkey and compare it with the behavior of an adult monkey. Would a monkey make a good pet?

Focus Questions

  1. How does a baby monkey behave?
  2. What are the natural instincts of monkeys when they are adults?
  3. At what age is a monkey an adult?
  4. For how long should you take care of a pet?

Think About It

  1. Why can't an orangutan live with a baby tiger for long?

Suggested Books

I Like Monkeys Because

Little Monkey's One Safe Place

Never Smile at A Monkey

Swing! Like A Monkey

News Literacy Summer Learning Challenges 2014 are made possible by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation through the Chicago Public Library Foundation