What CPL Website Content Was Most Viewed in 2019?

You probably already know how much we love information at CPL. And with the new year upon us, we're reflecting on the information we shared in 2019. We thought you'd like to see what's important to us and your fellow Chicagoans. Here's a look at some of the most viewed content on our website this year.


Need some small talk for holiday gatherings? This is news you can use.

It's no surprise that Fines Don’t Fly: CPL Eliminates Most Overdue Fines was our most popular news post this year. We're so happy to welcome back patrons who had stopped using the library because of fines.

Next on our list is CPL Best of the Best Books 2019. Our librarians evaluated the year’s new books and selected the very best for Chicagoans of all ages. 

Rounding out the shortlist is a timeless post on the Top 10 Things to Do at Harold Washington Library Center. Whether you're here every week or only once in a while, check it out for ideas for your next visit.


We love connecting you with your next great read. Grab a book off one of these lists for your first read of 2020.

Each month we compile forthcoming books in a variety of genres and topics to give you a jump start on what's hot. This year, Coming Soon: Mystery, Suspense and Thriller Fiction and Coming Soon: General Fiction were our most viewed lists. (Check out Coming Soon for additional lists.)

They're only about a month old, but these highly anticipated lists headed to the top of the chart: Best Books of 2019: Top Ten and Best Books of 2019.

Lastly, if you want a warm read for a cold day, check out our recommendations for 2019 Summer Reads.


Our staff members make individual recommendations for you via blog posts. And we love using blog posts to quiz you on your favorite things. Try your hand at trivia with one of the top three blog posts of 2019.

No. 1 is actually a 2018 quiz, Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Harry Potter Movies?, but of course everyone's favorite wizard is the star of our most viewed blog post.

Next up is Quiz: How Well Do You Know Neil Gaiman?, which was shared by @neilhimself on Twitter

And last but certainly not least is Quiz: How Well Do You Know Disney and Pixar Movies?, created with help from our After School Matters interns.

We'll see you back here in 2020! We're already planning news, reading recommendations, quizzes and contests to keep you up to date.