Teens: Win Tickets for The Crucible at Steppenwolf

Teens, want to see The Crucible at Steppenwolf for Young Adults this fall? Fill out the form below for a chance to win tickets to see The Crucible on October 14 followed by an after-party. We'll select 10 winners (two tickets per winner).

You must be a high school student 13 to 19 to enter the raffle. The contest runs September 5-30. Winners will be contacted by October 4.

About The Crucible

Steppenwolf's production of The Crucible runs from October 4 to October 21. The people of Salem are whipped into a bloodthirsty frenzy by a series of escalating misinterpretations after a group of teenage girls are accused of dancing devilishly in the woods. Fearing retribution, the girls begin a chain of finger-pointing until neighbor turns against neighbor, whispers become testimony, fabrications become facts and a once-powerless teenage girl suddenly has the ability to decide the fate of all those around her.

About Steppenwolf for Young Adults

Steppenwolf for Young Adults is thrilled to present a 2017-18 season that features two plays in conversation with one another exploring what happens when the line between fact and fiction is intentionally blurred and lies become reality. Written in response to the spread of McCarthyism, Arthur Miller’s classic work The Crucible explores a paranoid witch hunt and its very real consequences. Paired with this epic drama, Steppenwolf for Young Adults will present a commissioned work, the world premiere of Philip Dawkins’ The Burn, a modern telling of the way social media blurs the lines of truth and fiction and paves the way for new kinds of witch hunts in 2018.