Teen Voices: Tyler, Music Producer and Recording Artist

Each month we spotlight a teen at CPL.

Tyler, a teen from the Legler Regional Library, enjoys making beats and creating rhymes. He recently finished creating a new song in the Legler YOUmedia studio. 

Tyler uses Garageband to lay down the foundation of his tracks. He then begins to harmonize melodies that he hears internally and begins recording. YOUmedia staff interviewed Tyler about his musical journey.

Q: What sparked your interest in music?

A: When I was a kid growing up, my family members always listened to music and went to the studio with my cousin DJ Nate. I used to watch him making footwork videos and he started rapping and singing. 

Q: What made you start making your own tracks?

A:  The library staff was fun and asked me if I wanted to make music. I was downloading beats and copy and pasting off YouTube, but a mentor in the library told me he could teach me to make tracks from scratch. I thought it was hard at first, but I am a fast learner. It felt like I was on a master level and I began to use more instruments in my music. I expanded my sound to make Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel and Experimental music.    

Q: If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

A: Don’t follow others because music is telling you to disrespect people. Respect and trust go a long way. Never be afraid to be yourself!

Thanks for sharing how you create at YOUmedia, Tyler!