Teen Voices: Gavin P., Photographer

Gavin P. just graduated from Von Steuben High School last June, where he spent his last year putting together a collection of photos taken for his 6th period photography class. These he compiled into a digital portfolio, along with an artist statement, which he submitted as part of the 2017-18 Chicago Public Library Teen Winter Challenge

Many of Gavin photos have somewhat of a dark and eerie feeling, and that's intentional. Gavin explained that with his photos he tries to "capture a place that gives a sense of danger and excitement." Interestingly, he also likes to "convey a feeling that you're not supposed to be where the pictures are being taken," but you want to be there.

Gavin wants his pictures to intrigue you and to show you interesting, unseen things. We hope you enjoy them! Also, look for Gavin's work in the Teen Summer Challenge: Imagine Doing More! booklet (page 14).

His local library is Albany Park Branch which has a YOUmedia site dedicated to teens, and materials and mentors to help all teens build their digital skills. They also have some unique environmentally-focused programs in August that will get you thinking differently about the world around you (and perhaps give budding photographers a change to capture it too).

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