Teen Voices: Danielle Volunteers with Legler Writing Club

Each month we spotlight a teen at CPL.

Danielle, a 17-year-old from Legler Branch, has played a variety of roles at the library over the past year. This past summer, she was an After School Matters intern and then continued coming to the library as a volunteer during the school year.

Danielle focuses on creating connections within the West Garfield Park community, especially with younger kids.

"At the library, I've done many things to support the children in my community on their journey to becoming young scholars…creating a writing club at the library to teach children the importance of writing and literacy in their lives. To share with them all of the wonderful benefits of writing down your feelings or just writing for fun."

Danielle's goal is to become a neurosurgeon. She says, "The library has played a huge role in my planning for my future," allowing her to work closely and problem solve with children, communication skills she hopes to use with young patients in the future.

As a result of all her hard work, through school and her volunteer experiences at places like CPL, Danielle has just received a full-ride scholarship from one of her top-choice schools! Congratulations to you, Danielle, and keep on being awesome!