Teen Voices: Featuring Brandon

Each month we spotlight a teen, opens a new window at CPL.

Seeking inspiration for submitting to the Teen Winter Challenge? Check out a short and sweet interview with Brandon, last year’s winner!


Q: How did winning a Teen Winter Challenge 2015/16 award (or the process of creating a portfolio and personal statement for it) influence your art and first year at college?


A: The process of creating a portfolio and personal statement made me look critically at my work. By forcing me to reflect on my mistakes, the Teen Winter Challenge made me a better artist.


Q: What was the most fun about choosing three artworks to submit for the Teen Winter Challenge?


A: The most fun part about the choosing three artworks to submit to the Teen Winter Challenge was looking back at the old memories from each project. Each piece of art had a unique story and thinking about those stories fondly made me appreciate those moments.


Q: Most artists state that one of the hardest things about art is not creating or producing it, but the act of reflecting on it, such as thinking about their message; strengths and weaknesses of their pieces or reviewing their progress over time. What would you say was most challenging for you in creating a personal artist's statement for the Teen Winter Challenge?


A: I would say the most challenging part of writing a personal statement was trying to figure out what to say. Describing your art can be difficult, but I advise young artists to consider the impact their art has on not only them, but the people surrounding them and use that inspiration as a starting point.


Q: Do you have any advice for others to make them feel less "stuck" in composing this?


A: I think the best advice I could give to teen artists is to follow your gut. It'll never steer you wrong. If something feels right, then do it.


Q: Has your work or plans as an artist changed in the last year? Also, we see you've created a new website to feature your art projects. What's next?


A: Over the past year, I've found myself more interested in telling the story of others, so for this upcoming year, I'm planning to start a non-profit production company to tell the stories of these unique individuals.  I’m being certified on CNTXTR.co. web-based software and designing services to help individuals who need websites, too.