Teen Voices: Artist Kenza W.

In the Imagine Doing More! teen booklet, you may have noticed a unique photo by Kenza W., 17, whose local library is Sulzer Regional Library. She was a Teen Winter Challenge contestant who agreed to share her work to support our Teen Summer Challenge.


Kenza explained she became an artist once she learned how to work a camera and because she felt "it was a waste to travel through life not capturing what’s worth remembering."

Kenza explained, "I have always had an eye, though through the years this has become more refined. Life passes us by quickly, and through photography, I am able to capture and remember what is most important to me."

Kenza says she seldom leaves home without her camera. "Urban landscapes, obscurities or anomalies therein" and "bursts of color in otherwise-mundane settings" are what she likes to capture.

"My photos reveal the often-overlooked aspects of a landscape we so often take at face value. These consistent themes represent my journey, as I live in the city. Throughout my process as an artist, I have become more observant."

Thanks for sharing your work, Kenza!