Teen Voices: Artist Alanis M.

Melancholic Comfort by Alanis M.

Alanis M., a 17-year-old from Garfield Ridge Branch, shared that Chicago provokes many feelings in her and that "different perspectives" of her hometown are endless. Her goal as a photographer is to capture the city's "relaxed face," life as familiar and comforting.

Alanis explained, "My true inspiration for my artwork came from how dangerous this city is perceived to be with influences from crime rates, violence, etc."  She added, "Crime will always exist," yet Chicago "is an everlasting home for anyone and everyone." Alanis wants people to see that Chicago isn't always about "negative and antagonistic characteristics." It needs to be recognized for its beauty, too.

"My pieces are an exploration of different ways of comfort when looking at Chicago, how it breathes to make us feel right at home."

Alanis' work is featured in our Imagine Doing More! teen booklet; as she agreed to share the work she created for the Teen Winter Challenge. Her photography is definitely a life-long project in improving the social-emotional environment in Chicago, an effort we admire and appreciate.

You too can make a positive change to your Chicago environment this summer!