Teen Chicago Travel Guide: Featuring Susana

This year we spotlight teen voices in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide.

Susana C. visited the London Guarantee and Accident Building for an architecture project and created an informational video.

Susana's Story: Chicago is special as a modern city because it has a lot of unique skyscrapers and buildings that other cities in the world do not have; the buildings have different architectural designs and styles, varying from Beaux-Arts to modern skyscrapers.

I've lived in Chicago for more than half of my life and I have taken many walks on Michigan Avenue, but I never specifically noticed the London Guarantee and Accident Building before. On the day that I decided to go to the building, it was cloudy and I was able to see specific lights on the outside of the building that I was not able to see in other images taken on a sunny day. I also noticed that there is a cupola on top of the building that has an eye-opening view of the Michigan Avenue Bridge and some parts of the Magnificent Mile. I think that the architectural designs inside the building would interest other teens.

After my experience, I have an appreciation for the buildings in Chicago, and I show my appreciation by looking at buildings whenever I walk down the streets or take the train. I no longer see Chicago as a boring city in the Midwest and I am proud to say that Chicago is my city.

Thanks for sharing your architectural insights, Susana!