Teen Chicago Travel Guide: Featuring Clara

This year we spotlight teen voices in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide.

Clara M. went to a concert for nerd-folk duo The Doubleclicks at Wanderer's Refuge.

Clara's Story: Recently I was introduced to the realm of nerd music, and being a nerd myself, I was immediately hooked and absolutely loved it. The Doubleclicks very quickly made it to my top three favorite bands, and I soon found myself desperately sad that they mainly played in Portland, Oregon and online shows. So when they announced their 2016 Massive Tour, I immediately looked to see if they had a Chicago show, and they did! While it has unfortunately come and gone, The Doubleclicks are very receptive to fans, and at the show they promised to return to Chicago on their next tour.

The show was an incredible and delightful experience. Angela and Aubrey (The Doubleclicks) were quick to acknowledge how awkward it was for everyone there to break out of our introverted norms to come see a show. The event wasn't very crowded, but it was full of life and laughter. I found myself in a space where not only was I surrounded by other nerds, but I wasn't being judged for my awkward nerdiness.

Additionally, if any of you nerds have managed to get dates and you're considering going to a show, bring your dates along! It's a great place to be completely awkward and weird around each other and find your comfort zones (speaking from experience: I went to this concert on a date).

Clara's Inspiration: Listen to The Doubleclicks on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Thanks for sharing your love of nerd music, Clara!