Teen Chicago Travel Guide: Featuring Alexis

This year we spotlight teen voices in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide.

Alexis R. took photographs of the murals in her favorite Chicago neighborhood, Pilsen.

Alexis' Story: I went around my neighborhood, Pilsen, which is the best place you could ever go. I've lived in Pilsen for the past five years and I'm still finding new and exciting things going on. Something that will interest you in Pilsen is the food because it's delicious!

Another fantastic thing about Pilsen are the murals on the walls because they really make our neighborhood unique. On this mural found in Throop Park, the artist used secondary colors which makes it more interesting. Every time I see that mural, it reminds me of home.

Pilsen has made a big impact on my life because I feel like I am home there. It reminds me of my home country, Mexico, which is a beautiful place to live that I will never forget.

Alexis' Inspiration: When I was taking pictures I was listening to Julion Alvarez Y Su Norteño Banda and it inspired me to take this photo.

Thanks for sharing your love for Pilsen, Alexis!