Photovoice: Roya

Live, 2014

I like this photo that I took at the Shedd Aquarium because I have always been fascinated with animals from the sea. The fish in this photo are so different than any others I have ever seen in my country of Afghanistan. They are unique and beautiful.

I love marine life not only because of its beauty but also because we, as human beings, have to make a special effort to see it. For most of us, it doesn’t exist in the places that we see every day.

This photo represents, in a special way, all of the new things I have seen since arriving here in Chicago.

In the online exhibit Picturing a New Life in Chicago, people who were forced to flee their home countries because of war, persecution or violence share photos and inspiring stories about adjusting to a new life here. Some of the photographers came to Chicago through a refugee resettlement program. Others sought political asylum. Learn more in Online Exhibit: Forced Migration Photovoice Project.