Paintings by Stanislaw Andrej Kielar at Austin-Irving Branch

Austin-Irving Branch hosts a Polish American Heritage Month art exhibit during the month of October featuring artist Stanislaw Andrej Kielar.

Born in Iwonicz, Poland, Stanislaw painted and was interested in art throughout his younger years. While he dreamed of attending art school, he realized that taking care of a family on an artist’s salary would be difficult. Forced to pick a more "reasonable" profession, Stanislaw's artwork took a back seat.

In 1987, he moved his family from Poland to the Chicago area. Later he decided to revisit his childhood passions and picked up a brush again. In 1990 he took a lesson from the Bob Ross-style painting class, which gave him much encouragement. He continued to perfect his craft until the early 2000s, when he joined other Polish artists in the Chicago area in forming ArtPo, a club for artists. Stanislaw has displayed his artwork, mainly landscapes in oil, at many exhibitions.