On the Table: Meet. Share. Do.

Every year, Chicago Community Trust presents On the Table, a citywide event designed to bring people together to take on local challenges and issues. Tens of thousands of people in our region have participated in On the Table conversations, including hundreds who've sat down at a CPL location. 

Those participants know that the first step to creating change that strengthens our communities is coming together to meet with their neighbors. Then together they can follow the path to change by asking the right questions, really listening to each other and focusing in on common concerns. 

From May 7th to May 12th, join the conversation at On the Table events in several CPL locations, in neighborhoods all over the city. Our librarians are hosting these conversations to give you the opportunity to share, listen and take action with other civically-minded people in your community. 

Build relationships and take action for the good of your neighborhood, your community and our city at On the Table events at CPL locations.