On the Table Discussions at All CPL Locations, May 15-20

Powerful things happen when people come together. That's why The Chicago Community Trust annually presents On the Table, a citywide event to elevate civic conversation, foster new relationships and increase collaboration.

From May 15-20, you can join the conversation at On the Table events at each CPL location, from Albany Park to Wrightwood-Ashburn. Our librarians will host conversations to give you an opportunity to talk, listen and learn with others in your community.

Last year, an estimated 55,000 people sat down and talked to each other about their communities; hundreds of those people did so at a CPL location. By taking the time to meet new people and listen to what they have to say, we can start new relationships and increase collaborations that may improve lives in our own neighborhoods.

Together, let's find ways to strengthen our communities and make our city stronger.