Name the Explore and Roar Tiger Contest!

Can you give our Summer Learning Challenge tiger mascot a name and tell us more about it? Choose one of these ways to participate:

  • Read books about tigers and make a list of your favorite facts or use one to help inspire your own tiger tale
  • Discover more about Amur tigers (formerly known as the Siberian tiger) by visiting a zoo and comparing Amur tigers to other types of tigers. Make a list of their similarities and differences.
  • Create a story, poem or comic about the tiger. How does it spend its time? How does it interact with other animals? What are its most exciting experiences?

Complete the form below by Monday, July 7. One winner will receive a bag of books and four tickets to the Brookfield Zoo! We'll announce the winner and the name of the tiger in July. This contest is open to all school-age learners ages 5-13.