Maker Week at Sulzer Regional Library

Maker Week at Sulzer Regional Library begins Monday, October 28!

  • Monday, October 28: Mandala Gift Boxes
  • Tuesday, October 29: Floral Design
  • Wednesday, October 30: Woodworking Keepsake Boxes
  • Friday, November 1: Leatherworking
  • Saturday, November 2: Beginning Cross Stitch

As always, the maker workshops are free. Seats are still available in Floral Design, Soundwalk Poem and Leatherworking. Take photos of your work and add #cplmakerlab!

Five more CPL locations will host a Maker Week before the end of the year, so keep an eye out for an  announcement with the next host location. Thanks in advance to all the talented, creative people sharing their skills at our neighborhood libraries.

Save the Date

The Harold Washington Library Center is hosting a Maker Share at 6 p.m. Tuesday, November 12. Think of show and tell for the things you enjoy making. If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions, post in the comments or write to so we can reserve a spot for you. We will follow up next week with additional information.