Maker Lab Designer Spotlight: Trevis and Katie

The Maker Lab offers basic workshops introducing you to free software and machines like 3D printers, laser cutters and vinyl cutters. We also have wonderful guest presenters who are professional creatives. In the Designer Spotlight Series, we want to acknowledge the expertise, inspiration and connections our presenters bring to the lab. Today we're featuring Trevis and Katie, who have a free showcase coming up from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, May 10 at Catalyze Chicago. See photos from their workshops in the Maker Lab!


Trevis Kurz and Katie Ozamiz
Inch and Mile

Q: What do you do?
A: We are Chicago product designers who play an active role in the maker community, hosting mini maker fairs where makers can showcase their creations and make valuable connections in the community.

Q: How did you hear about the Maker Lab?
A: Katie met [Richard J. Daley Branch Manager] Jeremy Kitchen while volunteering at Pitchfork. He was involved in the maker lab and suggested I check it out!

Q: What did you teach?
A: Have taught several things from 3D printing and modeling software to laser cutting to vinyl cutting and iron-ons, and even silicone mold-making!

Q: How have you used the experiences or information you gathered in the Maker Lab?
A: We have expanded our network of people and learned about some of the open-source software that we wouldn't have otherwise known about.