Learn About the Ethics of Eating With Your Peers at the Library

Do you want to learn about The Ethics of Eating with others? You can take an online class and meet with your peers at the library through our first ever One Book, One Chicago-related learning circle.

This season, One Book, One Chicago explores the theme "Eat, Think, Grow" through Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. This class, The Ethics of Eating, explores some of the themes of the book. You face a difficult moral decision every time you decide what to eat. What impact should animal rights have on your decision? How do your food choices affect the economy and the environment? Should governments grant patents on genetically modified crops? This class provides the tools required to reflect clearly and effectively on these challenging questions.

A learning circle is a study group for learners who want to complete online courses together, in-person. This is a free course for everyone. We'll meeting on Wednesday evenings to complete a Cornell University philosophy course, "The Ethics of Eating," on the edX platform. We'll read some essays, watch informative lecture videos and discuss hot topics.

The Ethics of Eating Learning Circle begins January 18 at Harold Washington Library Center, so sign up today.