Kids and Teens, Need a Library Card?

It's Your Ticket to eBooks, Online Homework Help

Chicago Public Library and Chicago Public Schools are joining forces to ensure all students, from pre-K to high school, have access to CPL's many resources with our back-to-school library card initiative. You can update your library card or get an eCard if you don't already have a library card.

An eCard allows students who've never had a library card to check out eBooks, audiobooks, listen to music, watch videos and use CPL’s online resources, including Brainfuse homework help. You can also visit your neighborhood library to update your card or get a new library card.

All school-age kids and teens may participate. Students and their parents/guardians are responsible for updating existing cards online, completing eCard applications or visiting any CPL location to get a physical library card. CPL is waiving the replacement card fee of $1 through January 8.

Who Should Participate? 

  • Students who have never had a library card 
  • Students who already have a library card but need to update their information
  • Students who need to replace their library card due to a lost card
  • Students 14 to 17 who already have a library card, you're now eligible to receive a teen library card you can sign on the back

Already have a library card? Use it to access CPL's online resources. If your information is out of date, update your information rather than applying for an eCard.

Never Had a Library Card?

Students Under 14

  • Want to use only online resources? Parent/guardian, please complete the eCard online application
  • Want a physical library card? Physical library cards may be used for online resources and physical materials. Visit any CPL location to complete the application. A parent or guarantor must sign the child’s application and show one piece of ID with home address.

Students 14 to 17

You qualify for a teen card:

  • Complete the eCard online application yourself to use only online resources.
  • Apply for a physical library card at any CPL location by showing your student ID from a Chicago high school. You'll also need to show another piece of ID that includes your home address.

Need to Update Your Library Card?

Already have a library card but want to update your information? Complete the online library card update form. Remember, your physical library card provides access to our online resources as well as physical materials. 

Forgot Your Library Card Number or PIN?

If you already have a library card but don't know your card number or PIN, we can help. Email, use the Ask A Librarian form or visit any CPL location. (If you're under 14, bring a parent/guardian who can show ID to allow us to verify your account.)

Lost Your Library Card? 

If you've lost your library card or key fob, please report it to any CPL location as soon as possible. We also recommend you get a free replacement card by visiting any CPL location by January 8. To replace a lost library card in person, please bring the identification listed in the Never Had a Library Card section above. 

Replacement cards will be issued regardless of if you have outstanding charges or fees on your card. We're unable to waive lost book fees. The library card can still be used for limited library resources.

Start Using Your Library Card!

Your library card or eCard is your ticket to a wide range of library resources including eBooks, audiobooks and Brainfuse homework help, as well as all our online resources for school assignments. Use your physical library card to check out books, movies, music and more from CPL locations.

Find resources, recommendations and more on our Kids and Teens pages. Then use your library card to read, learn and discover!