Interface: Exhibit of Knit Prints by Artist Faith Humphrey Hill at HWLC

Interface: Knit Prints by Faith Humphrey Hill is on display November 10 to December 21 on the 8th floor of Harold Washington Library Center. This exhibit combines the handmade tradition of knitting and drawing with the technical advancements of digital tools to create truly unique works of art.


Artist Workshop: Mirror Knitting, November 16 at Harold Washington Library Center
Expand your knitting horizons! Beginner to advanced knitters, explore mirror knitting (aka backward knitting), the knitting technique used in Faith Humphrey Hill's portrait work. It’s a helpful technique for short rows, large projects that are heavy to rotate and colorful yoke cardigans that you won’t need to steek! In this beginner workshop, you'll learn about stitch structure and how to achieve mirror knitting in both English and continental knitting styles.

Artist Talk, November 12 at Harold Washington Library Center
Artist and knitter Faith Humphrey Hill talks about bringing together traditional and modern processes to create a beautifully cohesive whole in her artwork. She'll also give a brief intro to mirror/backward knitting and demonstrate the 1950s knitting machine she uses.

Artist Statement

Knit Prints celebrate our common thread. Combining the visual symbolism of knitting with the expressive color and rendering of digital drawing. They create a comfort and familiarity between viewer and subject though they may be strangers.

Faith is ever curious about the human condition and using her eyes to uncode the experiences of others. She wants to create a warmth and connection among humanity. Expose our common thread. Using seemingly juxtaposing mediums and processes to create a unified whole. This feeds the viewer’s eye with a sense of comfort and togetherness.

Faith Humphrey Hill is an artist who is always experimenting and playing between the lines of traditional and technological. Follow her journey into knit prints, knit animations and beyond via her website, Dartily: Art by Faith Humphrey Hill.