Eunjong Linda Hyong Art Exhibit at Albany Park Branch

Eunjong Linda Hyong is an internationally known artist who works in various mediums including oil, pencil and Oriental watercolor, as well as space installation. She has won many art competitions including the National Juried Art in Bloomington, Ind., and NY International Art Competition, and her Kyoto Koi Pond was published in The Four Women Artists, Chicago Artists' Coalition. Hyong is interested in creative and critical application of painting and drawing and issues related to cross-cultural and multicultural arts to improve mutual interaction of visual language.

Come to Albany Park Branch to view Hyong's paintings and space installation including "Triptych, Story of Tree Life" (oil on canvas), "Luna Del Mar Beach" (watercolor on French paper), "The Train to London" (watercolor on Asian paper), "Kang-Nam Town" (pencil on canvas), "Immortal of Illinois" (watercolor) and "Rejoice" (acrylics and oil on bamboo basket).

The exhibit runs until February 21 at our lobby and the multipurpose room.