Enter for Engineering: Kids Winter Learning Challenge

From a microchip to the Willis Tower, engineers make a lot of things you use every day. What can you engineer? Think big (or small). Make a plan, build it, test it out and see what you can do to improve it!

We're challenging kids to be an engineer over winter break with Chicago Public Library's Winter Learning Challenge from December 19 to January 9:

  • Build something as tall as you
  • Design a new way to talk to your friends
  • Make something that can fly or float

To complete the challenge:

  • Read (books, magazines or websites) for 20 minutes a day for at least five days.
  • Complete an activity and share what you discover and create.

Keep track of your progress on the Winter Learning Challenge log. Return your completed log to any CPL location by January 16 to receive a prize.


Check out our Enter for Engineering recommended reads.

The Most Magnificent Thing: What does it take to engineer the most magnificent thing?

Things That Float and Things That Don't: Learn the in's and out's of density and floatation.

Discover and Create

  • Learn about engineers and the engineering process with Crash Course Kids, then use your new skills to complete the robot challenge or the architecture adventure.
  • Take the Skyscraper Challenge to test your civil engineers skills.
  • Anyone can be an engineer! Learn about real female engineers at EngineerGirl
  • Attend one of our Mix It Up with Mad Science events.
  • Experiment with soap, water and sugar to make your own bubble solution.
  • What would an elephant brush his teeth with? Elephant toothpaste of course!
  • Learn all about "non-Newtonian" liquids by making some oobleck—is it a solid or a liquid?
  • Amaze your friends and family with this magic ice experiment.
  • Looking for a tasty chemical reaction? Try a recipe in one of these cookbooks for kids.

The Winter Learning Challenge is made possible through the Chicago Public Library Foundation.