Chicago Architectural Celebration Lanterns by Carolyn Kassnoff

In May, Maker-in-Residence Carolyn Kassnoff began developing and leading workshops at the Harold Washington Library Center, Edgewater Branch and Legler, Woodson and Sulzer Regional locations. Participants wired and designed their own lanterns.

Her work, Chicago Architectural Celebration Lanterns, is on view in State Street windows south of the main entrance of Harold Washington Library Center through November 2022. Kassnoff details the inspiration for the installation's delicately crafted designs:

"The city of Chicago has a beautiful skyline. I love seeing the distinctive architecture in the Loop, but this city is also made up of its neighborhoods and the individual places we go every day, and the places we call home. I wanted to illuminate the best of both worlds!

I moved to the city about a dozen years ago and grounded myself by exploring the city on the CTA and bicycle. It's wonderful to see all the spots on the map that each community calls home. I also moved through many neighborhoods and apartments of all kinds. Yes, the big commercial and historical buildings are exquisite, however, all the places Chicagoans live are wonderful, too. Bungalows, brownstones, and courtyard buildings share the street with the Bean, the museums, and towering condos in the Loop.

These lanterns demonstrate the best of Chicago's buildings alongside each other. They are lined up in a city where modern skyscrapers stand next to antique apartments. After all, it wouldn't be the city it is without all the different people that live, work, learn, and visit here."