Check Out the Maker Lab on CPL’s New Website

In case you missed it, the Chicago Public Library launched a new, powerful website last week.

Searching for events is easier to do, and easier on the eyes. From any page on the site, click on Events. On the left you can limit events by time, location, type and program name. One major improvement is that you can select more than one in any category, so you can find, say, all the Innovation Lab events and eBook workshops in one search.

And if you’re into eBooks, in addition to OverDrive, we’ve added subscriptions to hoopla, OneClickdigital and Zinio. Learn more about them on the eBooks page.

If you haven’t been in the lab lately, we’re happy to announce that due to our grant being extended, we will continue operating in the Innovation Lab through June. We’ve been adding new classes, learning new tricks and making no little plans. Keep up with the lab on our new Maker Lab page, where we’ll share all future news and blog posts. We look forward to working with you.