Borders and Boundstories: The Damen Silos Exhibit at Logan Square Branch

The photography exhibit Borders and Boundstories: The Damen Silos by Dr. Cranston Ramirez-Knight is on display until September 30 at Logan Square Branch.

The Damen Silos, built in 1906 near the Chicago River South Branch, were for a time the tallest structures in the city. They were abandoned after a massive explosion damaged them in 1977. Since then, they have become a canvas for artists who found these walls a place to create, enhance and celebrate urban art. The structures are painted with broad vistas.

The photos on display discuss the haunting interplay of nature, architecture and colors during the rise of urban rap and Latino national pride.

Ramirez-Knight is an adjunct professor at St. Augustine College and owner of CK Silverlight Photos.