Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, December 18, 2012


Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 8:30 a.m.

Harold Washington Library Center
Multi-Purpose Room, Lower Level
400 South State Street
  1. Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting on October 16, 2012 and November 13, 2012 (action required)
  2. Commissioner’s report
  3. Report of the Committee on Administration and Finance
  4. Report of the Committee on Facilities
  5. Chicago Public Library Foundation, Rhona S. Frazin, CEO
  6. Other Business
  7. Questions and comments from the audience

Next Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 15, 2013, 8:30 a.m.

Harold Washington Library Center
400 South State Street

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Library convened at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 in the Harold Washington Library Center’s Multi-Purpose Room.

Board Members in Attendance

  • Lynn Lockwood
  • Julia Zhu


  • Linda Johnson Rice, President
  • Christopher P. Valenti, Secretary
  • Cristina Benitez
  • Josephine Gómez
  • Susan S. Hassan
  • Israel Idonije

Also in attendance were Commissioner Brian Bannon, 1st Deputy Commissioner Andrea Sáenz, Deputy Commissioner Katie Ludwig, Assistant Commissioner Andrea Telli and other members of the Library staff.


  • Rhona S. Frazin, President & CEO, The Chicago Public Library Foundation

Members of the Public

  • Jackson Blue, patron
  • George Blakemore, patron

Approval of the Minutes

Due to the lack of a quorum, the minutes of the Library Board’s regular meeting on October 16, 2012 and November 20, 2012 were not approved.

Commissioner's Report

Commissioner Brian Bannon introduced two new members of the Library staff, 1st Deputy Commissioner Andrea Sáenz and Deputy Commissioner Katie Ludwig.

Commissioner Bannon presented his 2012 year-end review and highlighted the following:

  • the “add back” of positions that allowed the Library to bring back Library Pages and Monday service hours;
  • the success of the Chicago Public Library’s fine amnesty program, which brought back more than $2 million dollars in materials and roughly 40,000 patrons who have stopped using the Library as a result of their fine status;
  • the popular “open access technology”– patrons were allowed to use public computers regardless of fines;
  • the connectivity software that was installed at all 2,500 public computers, which resulted in an uptick in computer use and increased access to technology by those most in need;
  • the 2012 Summer Reading Program, Rahm’s Readers, which broke all records this year. Over 60,000 children read more than 1.5 million books. The Summer Reading Program will be revamped in 2013 to include other City departments to find ways to support learning throughout the summer.

Commissioner Bannon highlighted the following plans for 2013:

  • the digital skills initiative, which began in 2012, will continue through 2013;
  • the expansion of the Digital Library in collaboration with the Chicago Public Library Foundation. More details update will provided in the future;
  • the continuing collaboration with the McArthur Foundation on ways to expand and sustain the YOUmedia space for teens;
  • the Library’s work with the Mayor’s Office and the Chicago Public Library Foundation to expand the Teacher in the Library program citywide;
  • the Library’s Children and Young Adults department will be looking at new ways to work with kids in the areas of science, math, engineering, and technology as part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) based learning initiative with the Dyson Foundation. A full report on this and the Library’s re-imagined Summer Learning initiative for 2013 and the work it will be doing in support of out of school learning for school children will be provided in the future;
  • the Library’s effort to potentially collaborate, through a National Science Foundation grant, on a project called YOUSTEM. This Northwest University program would teach robotics and other STEM based learning initiatives;
  • the Library’s efforts to continue to expand services to teens and adults with programs for new citizens, branch literacy program, small business programs, and the revamping of the One Book, One Chicago program; and
  • to focus considerable resources and energy on ways the Library may increase its impact on all of its primary and core patrons by working with Mission Measurement – a local measurement firm that works with mission driven organizations to align activities with its core customers. The process began in 2012 and will continue in 2013.

Administration and Finance

Director Lynn Lockwood gave the report of the Administration and Finance Committee. The Committee met at the Harold Washington Library Center on Tuesday, December 11, 2012.

Director Lockwood reported that due to the lack of a quorum, the minutes of the Administration and Finance Committee’s October 9, 2012 and November 13, 2012 meetings were not approved.

Director Lockwood reported that there was no Schedule of Contracts and Requisitions for the month of January 2013 for the Committee to approve.

Director Lockwood reported that Jennifer Ross, Director of Human Resources, reported that the Library will bring the 2013 Kelly Fund budget request before the Committee for its approval at the January 2013 meeting.

Director Lockwood reported that Maria Kellner Ligammari, Director of Procurement, reported that the Library will be procuring a large number of new library cards and fobs during the month of December for distribution beginning the month of January 2013. The new card’s design was created by the Library’s Graphics Department team. The contract was secured through a competitively bid process.

In addition, Ms. Ligammari reported to the Committee that the Library has been working with the City’s Finance Department to set up payment of patron fines via credit card or electronic checks through the Library’s new website, which has the functionality of accepting these methods of payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Library anticipates having this function “go live” in June 2013.

Ms. Ligammari also reported to the Committee that the Library will work with the City’s Department of Revenue to determine its options on accepting payments at City kiosks.

Director Lockwood reported that Mr. Jackson Blue, a member of the audience, spoke positively about the Library’s decision to have one of its locations remain open for an additional 3 hours so that the American Red Cross can interview residents who were displaced by a fire. Mr. Blue also spoke about a minor disagreement between a Chicago Public Library staff member and a presenter of a program in the Chicago Authors Room at a program that he recently attended.

Facilities Committee

Director Julia Zhu gave the report of the Facilities Committee. The Committee met on December 12, 2012. Due to the lack of a quorum, the regular minutes of the Facilities Committee’s November 14, 2012 meeting were not approved.

Director Zhu reported that Morton Coburn, Director of Library Building Programs, presented the Library’s Capital Improvement Projects report (Attachment A) and highlighted the following:

Projects in the construction phase:

  • Humboldt Park Branch
    • Construction continues on this 5,000 square foot expansion of the existing branch.
  • Edgewater Branch
    • Construction continues on this new 16,533 square foot, two-story branch library, which will replace a former 11,000 square foot building that was constructed in 1973. The Library anticipates a gold LEED certificate for this project, which is expected to be completed by the spring of 2013.

Projects in the planning phase:

  • Back of the Yards: This new 8,000 square foot branch will be co-located with a Back of the Yards High School at 2111 W. 47th Street. The Chicago Public School Board anticipates substantial completion of this project by July 2013.
  • Albany Park: TIF funds will be used for the construction of this 16,295 square foot, one-story branch library. Demolition of the existing structure was scheduled to begin December 7 for completion by December 31.
  • Whitney Young: This new 16,295 square foot, single level structure will replace a current facility. Remediation activities are now anticipated to begin in March 2013 and be completed by September 2013.
  • Chinatown Branch Library: No changes to report on this project. The designation will be presented to the City Council at its next meeting for its approval before negotiations with the owners may begin.

Foundation Report

Rhona Frazin, President and CEO reported that there will be no formal report from the Foundation for the month of December 2012.

Other Business

There was no other business.

Questions and Comments from the Audience

Mr. George Blakemore, a member of the audience, expressed his discontent with the number of Directors attending the day’s meeting.

Mr. Jackson Blue, another member of the audience, asked if the Albany Park community will continue to receive library service. Commissioner Bannon responded that the Library is working with a local community college and service providers for spaces in which the Library can continue to provide service. In addition, there are two branches within a mile of the Albany Park Branch that will provide services to the community.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:54 a.m.

Submitted by Christopher P. Valenti, Secretary

Attachment A: Report on CPL Capital Projects for December 2012

Prepared for the Facilities Committee

December 18, 2012
Chicago Public Library Board of Directors Meeting


Number of buildings at a construction stage: 4

  • Humboldt Park Branch Expansion
  • Edgewater Branch Replacement
  • Back of the Yards Replacement
  • Albany Park Replacement

Projects in their Construction Phase

Humboldt Park Branch Library Remodeling and Expansion: 1605 North Troy Street

The expansion of the existing branch is financed through TIF funds. The AOR is the firm of Steven Rankin Associates, the same AOR for the Toman Branch Library. The addition includes a YOUmedia space for middle and high school students.

General Contractor: Tyler Lane Construction Ltd.

Construction cost: $ 2,283,650.00

Construction start: December 28, 2011

Work to be completed in December:

  • Terminate electrical & data outlets in patron tables
  • Complete irrigation controls on rain water harvesting system
  • Complete closed circuit TV system
  • Complete the building’s security panel
  • Complete the installation of three Wi-Fi systems
  • Obtain a certificate of occupancy from City Building Department
  • Substantial completion date is estimated to be December 6
  • There will be no green roof on this building. There will be no LEED certification for this project.

Edgewater Branch Library: 6000 N. Broadway

Architect of Record: Lohan Anderson

General Contractor: Burling Builders Construction

Construction cost: $7,614,000

Funding sources:

  • $850,000 State grant (for design & construction)
  • $1.125M in TIF funding
  • $11.904M in General Obligation Bonds
  • Total: $13,380.000

The new, 16,533 sq. ft. two-story branch library is replacing an 11,000 sq. ft. building constructed in 1973.

Window installations, large and small, are expected to be in place by mid-December. Interior heating will be provided by the contractor. Interior productivity may be affected if temperatures cannot be maintained.

Exterior site work is expected to be performed throughout the winter and spring (2013) months. Unseasonably harsh conditions may impact site conditions.

Work scheduled for December 2012:

  • Geothermal well installations continue (21 wells)
  • Mechanical & electrical rough-in (1st & 2nd floors)
  • Install mechanical equipment in the mechanical room
  • Electrical service installation
  • Demolition & replacement of north half of alley – pending weather
  • Manhole replacement at alley mid-point
  • Sewer and water taps at existing mains
  • Site utility installation
  • Commence temporary heating

Substantial completion of the branch building is anticipated by April 10, 2013. It is anticipated that a LEED Gold certificate will be achieved.

Back of the Yards: 2111 W. 47th Street (no change)

Architect of Record: STL Architects, Inc.

General Contractor: F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates, LLC

This 8,000 sq. ft. library will be the first in a pilot project to leverage the joint resources of CPS and CPL in order to offer teen-focused collections and digital learning amenities, while also operating as a public library for all residents in the community. It replaces a leased facility located at 4650 S. Damen Avenue, which was closed in August 2011 due to repeated flooding.

Completed thus far: floor plan of service (furnishings), and related electrical and data outlets, carpet colors to emphasize pre-school, teen and adult areas of seating, and wall treatments. An emphasis was placed on contemporary designs for furnishings. All or the latter has been reviewed with Commissioner Bannon.

The CPS intends to have the new facility ready by July 2013.

Albany Park: 5150 North Kimball Avenue

Architect of Record: Jackson Harlan Architects

Funding: $15,000,000 in TIF financing

General Contractor: yet to be selected

The new, 16,300 sq. ft. one-story branch library is replacing a 10,500 sq. ft. building constructed in 1963 – an increase of 5,800 sq. ft.

The following items have been addressed/completed as part of the Design Development and site preparation phases for the project:

  • The AOR has submitted the 60% construction documents to the PBC, the CPL, 2Fm and other peer reviewers. Comments are due back by December 21.
  • The AOR presented plans and renderings of work to Commissioner Bannon at a special PBC meeting. Questions were answered and the Commissioner’s input was duly noted and incorporated into the 60% documentation.
  • An IT (information technology) meeting has been held with CPL’s Director of Communications and his input has been incorporated in the 60% documentation.
  • A meeting on the building’s automation system was held with 2FM and the City’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications.
  • The building abatement of all hazardous materials (asbestos and lead paint) was begun at the end of November. Building demolition begins on December 7 and will be completed by December 31.
  • The branch building plans are being reviewed by the Mayor’s Office for persons with Disabilities, the Bureau of Fire Protection, and the Chicago Departments of Transportation and Water Management.

Projects in their Planning Phase

Whitney Young Branch Library: 7901 South King Drive

The current 11,000 sq. ft. building was constructed in 1972. Three adjacent lots were acquired for a future facility. There are scattered pockets of contamination from a cleaning establishment that occupied one of the lots.

As noted in previous Facilities Reports, the PBC is responsible for cleaning the contaminated soil condition. Our PBC liaison, Richard Schleyer, is working with Terracan Consultants, Inc., a private environmental firm. The strategy that the latter firm had worked up has been approved by the IEPA.

On November 21, the PBC placed a newspaper advertisement relative to the submittal of contractor qualifications to carry out site work on the vacant lots at the Whitney Young Branch Library.

An evaluation team will review the qualifications and will select a short list of respondents. The latter group will be provided a “Request for Proposal.” The evaluation team will select a contractor based on the proposals submitted. Remediation site work is to start on March 1, 2013 and is to continue for six months to September 1, 2013.

The library’s operation will not be affected by the work to be done.

Chinatown Branch Library: 2353 S. Wentworth Avenue (no change)

On September 28th, Mayor Emanuel announced new infrastructure projects and developments to help revitalize communities in the near south side. This announcement included a new branch library that will provide modern technology resources and expanded space for children and community programs. Construction is expected in late 2013. Twelve million dollars in TIF funds have been identified.

Woodson Regional Library Façade: 9525 South Halsted Street (no change)

The content of the Rubinois & Mesia report has been discussed by the Facilities Committee in past months. As a result of the latter and representations made by senior staff from 2FM the following is the status of the Woodson façade problem:

  • The building’s west façade has been stabilized by caulking where needed and the attachment of a metal net to retain any loose material.
  • A sidewalk canopy is now in place for the entire length of the building’s front façade.
  • A permanent repair must be funded and accomplished within one year.
  • A possible source of funding for the needed repairs is through the Illinois State Library Public Library Construction Act Grant Program.

Independence Branch Library: 3548 W. Irving Park Road (no change)

No funding is in place for construction. CPL is evaluating funding options and land in consultation with Alderman Mell, the PBC and the community.

Report compiled by Morton Coburn, Library Building Programs, November 29, 2012