Art Exhibit by Vicki Milewski at Clearing Branch

Clearing Branch hosts a Polish American Heritage Month art exhibit in October featuring artist Vicki Milewski.

Artist Statement

"As an artist, I seek to understand our world, life and love through my artwork with freedom, truth, family and community as my foundation. Both my parents are inspirations for me. My art collections like The Chakra Collection and Farming: Sunrise to Sunset were inspired by my family’s ancestral dairy farm in central Wisconsin where our Polish grandparents created a community and my father continued agricultural pursuits on half of the farm while creating a lake and nature preserve on the other half, telling us he wanted to give that land 'back to nature.' My father also inspired me by choosing Chicago to raise his family and sharing his love of travel with our family through many road trips which inspired 'The Badlands: Rebel Landscapes Collection.' I carry on my parents’ dreams and honor them with my art."