Art Exhibit by Rose K. Kong at Albany Park Branch

Albany Park Branch hosts an Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month art exhibit during May 2018 featuring artist Rose K. Kong.

Rose K. Kong was born in 1945 in Tongyeong, South Korea, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Hongik University in Seoul. She became a naturalized American citizen after immigrating to the U.S. in Los Angeles, where she raised her children and worked for many years. She returned to Korea for a number of years to focus on her art and to study the integration of traditional Korean styles and materials. Her work is very much inspired by the sights, sounds and scents in nature, and she enjoys the different impressions and interpretations that each person brings to her work. She has recently returned to the U.S., choosing Chicago as her new home. As each artist is influenced by the interplay between imagination and environment, Ms. Kong looks forward to seeing how life in Chicago will inspire her to create new works that surprise and delight herself just as much as anyone else.