Art Exhibit by Robin Dluzen at Back of the Yards Branch

In recognition of Polish American Heritage Month, Back of the Yards Branch hosts an exhibit featuring artist Robin Dluzen from October 1 through October 31.

Artist Statement

"My practice focuses on the work history of my family and how it relates to the landscape of southeast Michigan, where I grew up. Lately, the narratives in my pieces have begun to shift from more generalized, universal stories and imagery to very personal ones, directly tied to the work my mother and father do and have done. In my practice, I fuse together the content inherent in both media and imagery, combining non-art, utilitarian material like cardboard, aluminum and lawn bags, with appropriated drawings, like the doodles my father made while telling me a story about working in an iron foundry as a young man, or the botanical illustrations my mother created during her 30 years as a horticulturalist."