Art Exhibit by Marino Castillo at Little Village Branch

Little Village Branch hosts a Hispanic Heritage Month art exhibit featuring the work of artist Marino Castillo.

Paintings from Castillo's exhibit Roots of an Individual will be on display from September 15 through October 15.

Artist Statement

Art allows me to fully display my love for Mexico and show it in a way that is fantasy-like. Through my numerous visits, I was not only able to embrace my culture but truly realize Mexico's rich history. I find it interesting that I could possibly capture the history of Mexico and display it dramatically. These pieces of art are in honor of my family who still live in Mexico, and they have bestowed me with a lot of wonderful memories.

I usually start from darkest and gradually transition into brighter colors. I enlarge some of the figures and carefully establish the figures to emphasize space, time and setting. I use multiple styles to capture the clothing and architecture during each individual time period. I use a combination of blending and simple brush strokes to display the various levels of light and shadow. I gather multiple references so that I could capture the essence and atmosphere.

Hispanic Heritage Month Art Exhibits

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