Art Exhibit by Linda Hyong at Clearing Branch

Clearing Branch hosts an Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month art exhibit during May 2018 featuring artist Linda Hyong.

Linda Hyong received her bachelor’s degree from University of Illinois and her Master of Fine Arts in painting and drawing at the School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan.

Human existence includes conundrums, love, boundless desires, violence and grief. Urban forests, plants, flowers and their ecosystems provide poetic pleasures, seductive landscape and emotional responses that benefit humans in a myriad of ways. My current interests include examining peculiar trees, roots, flowers, branches and the decomposition of old trees. 

I value story narratives from cultures, including historical fiction, myth and lyrics. I try to show what paint can do through my own expressions of humanity. Traveling provides me the opportunity to see not only an old masters’ original art, but also architecture of the medieval cathedrals. I often express my own interpretation of impressionism through peaceful landscapes.