Art Exhibit by Edward Cabral at Lozano Branch

Lozano Branch hosts a Hispanic Heritage Month art exhibit featuring the work of artist Edward Cabral.

For this temporary installation from September 15 through October 15, Pilsen-based sculptor Edward Cabral has created six calacas of unfired ceramic and seed that represent different American Indian leaders from the Midwest and Mexico and will feature them in ofrenda-style displays alongside foods that are derived from native plants of North America.

Artist Statement

I enjoy making artwork that is impermanent, for an object can become more sacred if the viewer is aware of its brief lifespan. This speaks to the impermanence of all things in culture and nature. A lot of my work also focuses on the indigenous plants and people of the Americas, both referencing their history but also utilizing style of many tribes from the Midwest. I've made richly decorated calacas to reference American Indian commanders like Tecumseh or Black Hawk that dissolve into native wildflowers like coneflower or lupine to represent the legacy left behind by these early leaders.

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