2021-2022 Teen Winter Challenge Winners

Over 50 teens submitted to this year’s Teen Winter Challenge, the theme of which was "Art to Unite!" You can view a work from each of the portfolio submissions at our virtual slideshow. From these submissions, a panel of library staff chose a group of award winners, whose names are listed below. 

It's often said that there are seven elements of art: line, color, value, shape, form, space and texture. The number seven is also revered in other ways too: seven continents, seven wonders of the ancient world, seven days in a week, the seven seas of antiquity, etc. Even more significantly, this year marks the seventh iteration of our Teen Winter Challenge art competition!

Senior achievement 

  • Rachel D, Senior Achievement Grand Prize Winner
  • Sophia C-R, Senior Achievement Runner Up
  • John P, Senior Achievement Runner Up
  • Katherrin B, Senior Achievement Honorable Mention
  • Natalie B-S, Senior Achievement Honorable Mention
  • Junlinn M, Senior Achievement Honorable Mention

Young Artist Award

  • Emma A, Young Artist Award Grand Prize Winner
  • Annie A, Young Artist Award Runner Up
  • Madison R, Young Artist Award Runner Up 
  • Cosette B, Young Artist Award Honorable Mention
  • Mayrav B, Young Artist Award Honorable Mention
  • Boston N-K, Young Artist Award Honorable Mention