1983 Omaha Tribal Pow-Wow: Photographs from the American Folklife Center on Display at Harold Washington Library Center

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, 1983 Omaha Tribal Pow Wow: Photographs from the American Folklife Center is on display November 2 through December 31 in the Popular Library on the ground floor of Harold Washington Library Center.

The exhibit features photographs of the 1983 Omaha harvest celebration pow-wow in Macy, Neb. Pow-wows are gatherings held by Native American communities that typically feature traditional dance, music and regalia.

The images in this exhibit are digital reprints from the American Folklife Center's collections documenting Omaha music traditions. The Omaha Indian Music collection contains 654 black-and-white and 436 color photographs that were made by Library of Congress employees. The collection also contains sound recordings, posters, a concert flier and other items.