Theater Scrapbook “P”

Dates: 1874-1877
Size: 1 scrapbook
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Special Collections, 400 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605
Collection Number: SPE: Archives_CTC_SBP
Provenance: Purchased from the Theater Bookshop in Los Angeles, 1993
Access: No restrictions
Citation: When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: Theater Scrapbook “P,” [Page #], Special Collections, Chicago Public Library

Scope and Content

Theater Scrapbook “P” (Programmes) was purchased from the Theater Bookshop in Los Angeles in December of 1993 by the Special Collections and Preservation Division. The scrapbook consists of clipped playbills, predominantly from theaters in Chicago, but also from Boston, New York and Washington D.C. Programs have been pasted in with no accompanying notes. Several loose programs were found inside the back cover. Chicago venues Hooley’s, McVicker’s and the Academy of Music appear most often, with several programs from the New Chicago and the Adelphi. These programs are some of the earliest in the Chicago Theater Collection.

The scrapbook itself is a folio volume with two labels pasted on the inside endpaper, the first identifying it as Shipman’s Patent Invoice and Scrapbook, Patented June 13, 1871, and the second as purchased from Arthur K Brown and Co, Stationers, 58 Federal Street, Boston. N.K. Brown and the word Programmes is written in brown ink on the endpaper.


The scrapbook remains bound in its original order. An alphabetical index to the Chicago programs follows. The loose programs have been removed and added to the Chicago Theater Collection-Historic Programs Collection, though a title list is included at the end of the index.

Container List

Around the World in Eighty Days SBP: 41
Arrah-Na-Pogue SBP: 68
Article 47 SBP: 11
The Barber of Seville SBP: 82
La Belle Helene SBP: 10
Big Bonaza SBP: 27
The Black Crook SBP: 74
Brewer of Preston SBP: 55
Chesny Wold SBP: 22
Chilperic! SBP: 23
Clancarty SBP: 33
Col. Mulberry Sellers SBP: 78, 79
Col. Mulberry Sellers SBP: 20
Conscience SBP: 72, 73
Courier of the Alps SBP: 80
Dearer Than Life SBP: 7
Deborah SBP: 18
Enoch Arden SBP: 39
Ferreol SBP: 67
The Flying Dutchman SBP: 87
Fosco, or the Women in White SBP: 5
Girofle-Girofla SBP: 24
Girofle-Girofla SBP: 28
Girofle-Girofla SBP: 42
Girofle-Girofla SBP: 55
The Gladiator SBP: 38
La Grande Duchess SBP: 69
Hamlet SBP: 60
Henry VIII SBP: 19
Ingomar SBP: 83, 84
Jack and Jill SBP: 26
Jack and Jill SBP: 35
Jane Eyre SBP: 40
Jeanie Deans SBP: 6
La Jolie Parfumeuse SBP: 69
La Jolie Parfumeuse SBP: 96
Katherine and Petruchio SBP: 61
King Lear SBP: 58, 59
Lady of Lyons SBP: 58, 59
Lady of Lyons SBP: 95
Led Astray SBP: 98
Letty SBP: 55
Lorle or, the Artist’s Dream SBP: 68
Magnolia SBP: 21
Mme. Angot’s Child SBP: 43
Marie Antoinette SBP: 25
Mary Warner SBP: 4
The Merchant of Venice SBP: 61
The Merry Wives of Winsor SBP: 41
Mignon SBP: 86
Mignon SBP: 2
Miss Sarah Multon SBP: 98
Othello SBP: 60
Our Boys SBP: 56
P.T. Barnum’s Great Roman Hippodrome SBP: 29
Pauline or Wolves in the Fold SBP: 34
Phenomen in a Smock Frock SBP: 80
Pique SBP: 62
Poulet and Poulette SBP: 93
La Princesse de Trebizonde SBP: 9
Richard II SBP: 57
Richelieu, or Wolves in the Conspiracy SBP: 42
Richelieu, or Wolves in the Conspiracy SBP: 58, 59
Richelieu, or Wolves in the Conspiracy SBP: 60
Romeo and Juliet SBP: 83, 84
Romeo and Juliet SBP: 88
Romeo and Juliet SBP: 95
Rose Michael SBP: 64, 65
The School for Scandal SBP: 4
Sea of Ice or a Thirst for Gold SBP: 37
Semiramide SBP: 82
The Shaughraun SBP: 94
Simpson and Co. SBP: 19
Solon Shingle SBP: 56
The Sphinx SBP: 1
Star of the North SBP: 85
Sure SBP: 32
That Blessed Baby SBP: 7, 8
Il Trovatore SBP: 3
Il Trovatore SBP: 82
Two Men of Sandy Bar SBP: 71
Two Orphans SBP: 30, 31
Two Orphans SBP: 36
Variety SBP: 2
Variety SBP: 42
Variety SBP: 55
Variety SBP: 66
Variety SBP: 68
Variety SBP: 75-77
Variety SBP: 81
The Victims SBP: 56
La Vie Parisienne SBP: 97

Loose Programs, See: Chicago Theater Collection-Historic Programs Collection

La Cimbale D’Argent (loose) Haverly’s 1877-05-19
Miss Multon (loose) Hooley’s 1877-08-19
Round the Clock (loose) Olympic 1877-02-18
Seraphine (loose) McVicker’s 1877-08-06
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