Theater Scrapbook “F”

Dates: 1913-1914
Size: .25 linear feet in 1 box, includes 1 scrapbook
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Special Collections, 400 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605
Collection Number: spe.ctc-sbf
Immediate source of acquisition: The source of this scrapbook is unknown; it was cataloged by the Chicago Public Library in September 1950 and was transferred to the Special Collections Division at some later date. In 1986 it was rebound without disturbing its contents.
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Includes a collection of programs, newspaper reviews and a few pictures pasted into a theater-goer's scrapbook, possibly compiled by Mrs. Rosalie E. Lang.


“Scrapbook F” is the compiler’s own designation for this collection of programs, newspaper reviews and a few pictures, pasted into a theater-goer's scrapbook. Internal evidence and similarities in the handwriting suggest that it may have been compiled by Mrs. Rosalie E. Lang, who lived at 530 Oakdale, and later at 1927 Argyle. Mrs. Lang compiled an extensive chronology of theater in Chicago, which is also in this collection. Notes in the scrapbook volume suggest that this collector had assembled other scrapbooks which have, unfortunately, not been found.

Scope and Contents

“Scrapbook F” includes programs, newspapers reviews and a few pictures, pasted into a theater-goer’s scrapbook. The productions represented in the volume are plays, and almost all were matinees attended on Wednesday or Saturday. Though there is a healthy selection of classics, most of the plays are modern, with a strong concentration of “problem” plays on matters of social significance.


Material remains bound in its original order. The play index is arranged alphabetically for ease of use.

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Subject Headings

  • Lang, Rosalie E.
  • Theater – Illinois – Chicago – 20th century – Sources.
  • Theater programs.
  • Scrapbooks.
  • Theater reviews.

Collection Inventory

Box SBF Page 27 The 7th Chord, Illinois Theatre 1913 April 12
Box SBF Page 57 Anthony and Cleopatra, American Music Hall 1914 January 10
Box SBF Page 79 Any Night, Princess Theatre 1914 April 4
Box SBF Page 72 The Argyle Case, Olympic Theater 1914 March 11
Box SBF Page 76 At Bay, Blackstone Theatre 1914 March 25
Box SBF Page 5 The Attack, Powers’ Theatre 1913 January 29
Box SBF Page 61 The Auctioneer, Powers’ Theatre 1914 January 31
Box SBF Page 8 Bella Donna, Blackstone Theatre 1913 February 12
Box SBF Page 79 The Black Mask, Princess Theatre 1914 April 4
Box SBF Page 7 The Blindness of Virtue, Studebaker Theatre 1913 February 6
Box SBF Page 4 Bought and Paid For, Princess Theatre 1913 January 25
Box SBF Page 35 Broadway Jones, Cohan’s Grand Opera House 1913 May 21
Box SBF Page 80 Charlemagne, Garrick Theatre 1914 April 11
Box SBF Page 58 Cowards, Fine Arts Theatre 1914 January 22
Box SBF Page 75 Daddy Long-Legs, Powers’ Theatre 1914 March 18
Box SBF Page 43 Damaged Goods, Blackstone Theatre 1913 October 15
Box SBF Page 41 The Double Cross, Cort Theatre 1913 October 1
Box SBF Page 13 The Drone, Chicago Theatre Society 1913 February 28
Box SBF Page 1 Elevating a Husband, Chicago Opera House 1913 January 18
Box SBF Page 79 En Deshabille, Princess Theatre 1914 April 4
Box SBF Page 15 The Escape, Cohan’s Grand Opera House 1913 March 5
Box SBF Page 38 The Escape, Chicago Opera House 1913 May 13
Box SBF Page 55 Fanny’s First Play, Blackstone Theatre 1914 January 14
Box SBF Page 50 The Fight, Blackstone Theatre 1913 December 10
Box SBF Page 33 The Ghost Breaker, Cort Theatre 1913 May 14
Box SBF Page 47 A Good Little Devil, Powers’ Theatre 1913 November 29
Box SBF Page 40 The Governor’s Lady, Powers’ Theatre 1913 September 24
Box SBF Page 48 Half an Hour, Blackstone Theatre 1913 December 3
Box SBF Page 79 Hari Kari, Princess Theatre 1914 April 4
Box SBF Page 12 Hawthorne of the U.S.A., Cohan’s Grand Opera House 1913 February 22
Box SBF Page 53 Help Wanted, Cort Theatre 1914 January 7
Box SBF Page 59 Her Own Money, Studebaker Theatre 1914 January 28
Box SBF Page 11 Hindle Wakes, Fine Arts Theatre 1913 February 20
Box SBF Page 74 The Honeymoon Express, Auditorium Theatre 1914 March 14
Box SBF Page 78 If I Were King, Garrick Theatre 1914 March 30
Box SBF Page 18 The Iron Door, Chicago Opera House 1913 March 15
Box SBF Page 77 It Can Be Done, Princess Theatre 1914 November 26
Box SBF Page 24 Julius Caesar, Garrick Theatre 1913 March 29
Box SBF Page 46 King Richard II, Blackstone Theatre 1913 November 19
Box SBF Page 62 The Little Parisienne, Auditorium Theatre 1914 February 1
Box SBF Page 68 The Lure, Princess Theatre 1914 February 26
Box SBF Page 64 Madam President, Powers’ Theatre 1914 February 11
Box SBF Page 29 Man and Superman, Powers’ Theatre 1913 April 29
Box SBF Page 19 A Marriage of Convenience, Blackstone Theatre 1913 March 19
Box SBF Page 21 The ‘Mind The Paint’ Girl, Illinois Theatre 1913 March 27
Box SBF Page 52 A Modern Girl, Cort Theatre 1913 December 13
Box SBF Page 22 The Money Moon, Powers’ Theatre 1913 May 7
Box SBF Page 54 Nearly Married, Cohan’s Grand Opera House 1914 January 10
Box SBF Page 34 The Necessary Evil, Fine Arts Theatre 1913 May 17
Box SBF Page 32 Never Say Die, Princess Theatre 1913 May 10
Box SBF Page 16 The New Secretary, Powers’ Theatre 1913 March 18
Box SBF Page 17 Our Wives, Cort Theatre 1913 March 12
Box SBF Page 73 The Passing Show of 1913, Garrick Theatre 1914 March 19
Box SBF Page 10 The Perplexed Husband, Powers’ Theatre 1913 February 19
Box SBF Page 65 The Pirates of Penzance, Auditorium Theatre 1914 February 21
Box SBF Page 49 Poor Little Rich Girl, Powers’ Theatre 1913 December 6
Box SBF Page 71 Primrose and Dockstader’s Minstrels, American Music Hall 1914 March 5
Box SBF Page 9 The Rainbow, Illinois Theatre 1913 February 15
Box SBF Page 6 The Real Thing, Powers’ Theatre 1913 February 5
Box SBF Page 3 Return from Jerusalem, Powers’ Theatre 1913 January 8
Box SBF Page 23 The Rivals, Fine Arts Theatre 1913 March 28
Box SBF Page 39 The Road to Happiness, Garrick Theatre 1913 September 28
Box SBF Page 51 Romance, Princess Theatre 1913 December 11
Box SBF Page 66 Seven Keys to Baldpate, Cohan’s Grand Opera House 1914 February 23
Box SBF Page 45 Shameen Dhu, Olympic Theater 1913 November 5
Box SBF Page 31 The Silver Wedding, Cort Theatre 1913 April 26
Box SBF Page 63 The Speckled Band, Studebaker Theatre 1914 February 4
Box SBF Page 37 Stop Thief, Cohan’s Grand Opera House 1913 September 17
Box SBF Page 81 The Strange Woman, Illinois Theatre 1914 April 29
Box SBF Page 60 The Sunshine Girl, Illinois Theatre 1914 January 30
Box SBF Page 28 The Talker, Studebaker Theatre 1913 April 16
Box SBF Page 69 Tante, Blackstone Theatre 1914 March 4
Box SBF Page 30 A Thief for a Night, McVicker’s Theatre 1913 April 23
Box SBF Page 14 Top o’ the Mornin’, Olympic Theater 1913 March 1
Box SBF Page 56 The Traffic, Howard Theatre 1914 January 17
Box SBF Page 2 The Unwritten Law, Olympic Theater 1913 January 15
Box SBF Page 70 Weber and Fields, Auditorium Theatre 1914 March 4
Box SBF Page 44 The Whip, Auditorium Theatre 1913 October 22
Box SBF Page 42 The Winning of Barbara Worth, Studebaker Theatre 1913 October 11
Box SBF Page 36 Within the Law, Olympic Theater 1913 September 3
Box SBF Page 25 The Witness for the Defence, Blackstone Theatre 1913 April 9
Box SBF Page 26 The Yellow Jacket, Powers’ Theatre 1913 April 5
Box SBF Page 67 Young Wisdom, Powers’ Theatre 1914 February 25
Box SBF Page 48 The Younger Generation, Blackstone Theatre 1913 December 3
Box SBF Page 20 Zaza, McVicker’s Theatre 1913 March 26
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