Theater Scrapbook “D”

Dates: 1904
Size: 1 scrapbook
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Special Collections, 400 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605
Collection Number: SPE: Archives_CTC_SBD
Provenance: The compiler and source of this scrapbook is unknown.
Access: No restrictions
Citation: When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: Theater Scrapbook “D,” [Page #], Special Collections, Chicago Public Library

Scope and Content

Theater Scrapbook “D” consists entirely of portraits of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century actors and actresses, clipped from sources such as newspapers, periodicals and programs and pasted into a folio-sized, clothbound office ledger or scrapbook. There are no annotations other than the date January 21, 1904 written inside the front cover, and a penciled letter “D” in the lower right-hand corner of the first page. Images are occasionally accompanied by captions including the role and/or production depicted.


The scrapbook remains bound in its original order. Pages were numbered in 1986, and an alphabetical index to actors and actresses represented was created.

Container List

Abeles, Edward SBD:148
Adams, Maud SBD:12-14, 52, 96, 112-113, 143, 148, 153, 159, 164, 185
Ade, George SBD:102, 158
Ainley, Henry SBD:12, 164
Allen, Louise SBD:115
Allen, Viola SBD:38-40, 47, 69, 138, 150-151, 153, 190
Anglin, Margaret SBD:108-109
Arbuckle, Macklyn SBD:87, 129, 137, 163, 194
Archie, Will SBD:147
Arden, Edwin SBD:133, 192-193
Arliss, George SBD:36
Arthur, Julia SBD:78, 139
Ashley, Minnie SBD:72
Barnabee, Henry Clay SBD:144
Barrison, Mabel SBD:186
Barry Charles SBD:181
Barrymore, Ethel SBD:20, 37-38, 47, 174-175, 188
Barrymore, John SBD:148
Barrymore, Lionel SBD:156
Barrymore, Maurice SBD:156
Bates, Blanche SBD:47, 50, 78-79, 140-141, 165
Belasco, David SBD:79
Bellew, Kyrle SBD:45-47, 80, 121-123
Bernhardt, Sarah SBD:58-59, 184
Bingham, Amelia SBD:116-117, 180
Block, Sheridan SBD:101
Bloodgood, Clara SBD:55, 160, 194
Booth, Edwin SBD:69
Boucicault, Louise Thorndike SBD:105
Byron, Arthur SBD:102
Cahill, Marie SBD:68
Calvé, Emma SBD:166
Campbell, Mrs. Patrick SBD:15, 138
Carle, Richard SBD: 101, 180
Carter, Mrs. Leslie SBD:60-61
Cartwright, Charles SBD:36
Cassarant, Louis SBD:111
Cherry, Charles SBD:147
Clark, Marguerite SBD:146
Cohan, George M. SBD:179
Collier, William SBD:115, 148
Comstock, Nanette SBD:11, 148
Connor, Frank SBD:102
Conquest, Ida SBD:167
Cook, Madge Carr SBD:70, 173, 178
Coquelin SBD:101
Corrigan, Emmett SBD:145
Courtleigh, William SBD:137
Cowles, Eugene SBD:144
Crane, William H. SBD: 77, 131, 163
Crosman, Henrietta SBD:53-54
D’Orsay, Lawrence SBD:175
Daly, Nellie SBD:144
Daniels, Frank SBD:95, 115, 133, 188
Davenport, Edgar SBD:40
Davies, Phoebe SBD:103
Davis, Fay SBD:68
Davis, Jessie Bartlett SBD:93, 167
DeAngelis, Jefferson SBD:30
Dixey, Henry SBD:124
Doanne, Frank SBD:193
Dockstader, Lew SBD:180
Donaldson, Arthur SBD:111
Dressler, Marie SBD:94
Drew, John SBD:48-50
Drew, Mrs. John (Louise Lane) SBD:130
Drouet, Robert SBD:137
Duse, Eleonara SBD:106, 168-169
Eames, Emma SBD:93, 187
Edeson, Robert SBD:25, 62-64, 112
Edwardes, Paula SBD:97
Elliott, Gertrude SBD:26-27, 173, 185
Elliott, Maxine SBD:43-44, 120, 122, 170, 173
Elliott, William SBD:110
Farnum, Dustin SBD:137, 190-191
Farnum, William SBD:87
Faust, Lotta SBD:187
Faversham, William SBD:50-52, 140, 153
Fawcett, George SBD:66
Fealy, Maude SBD:29-31, 74-76, 79
Fields, Anna SBD:71
Fields, Lew SBD:66, 156, 161, 165
Fields, W.C. SBD:107
Figman, Max SBD:70
Figman, Oscar SBD:52
Filkins, Grace SBD:142
Fischer, Alice SBD:75
Fiske, Minnie Maddern SBD:29, 31, 33, 36, 38, 49, 57-58, 70, 75-76, 98
Fitch, Clyde SBD:136
Florence, Katherine (Mrs. Fritz Williams) SBD:100
Forbes-Robertson, Johnston SBD:26, 28-29, 138
Four Cohans SBD:179
Fox, Della SBD:94
Foy, Edwin SBD:95
Friganza, Trixie SBD:87, 103
Gallard, Bertha SBD:8
George, Grace SBD:152-153
Gilbert, Mrs. George H. SBD:67
Gillette, William SBD:74-75, 195
Glaser, Lulu SBD:44, 55, 134-135, 184
Golden, Grace SBD:93
Goodwin, Nat C. SBD:120-122, 130
Grey, Catherine SBD:162
Guyer, Charles SBD:144
Hackett, James SBD:8-9, 50, 65, 72, 98
Hackett, Norman SBD:145
Haines, Robert T. SBD:141
Hall, Alexandra SBD:71
Hall, Pauline SBD:100
Hall, Thurston SBD:70
Hammond, Dorothy SBD:186
Harned, Virginia (Mrs. E.H. Southern) SBD:4-7, 28
Harwood, Harry SBD:62
Haworth, Joseph SBD:111, 144
Hawtrey, Sir Charles SBD:101, 107, 119
Haynes, Minna Gale SBD:147
Held, Anna SBD:41-42, 74, 132, 166, 168, 191
Henderson, Grace SBD:142
Hilliard, Robert SBD:31, 170
Hitchcock, Raymond SBD:169
Hodge, William T. SBD:70, 169
Hoffman, Maud SBD:132
Holbrook, Florence SBD:26
Holland, E.M. SBD:107, 130
Holland, Joseph SBD:130
Hopper, Edna Wallace SBD:110, 158-159, 194
Hosmer, May SBD:103
Hunter, G.H. SBD:164
Irving, Henry SBD:118
Irving, Isabel SBD:48, 96-97, 188
Irwin, May SBD:166
James, Louis SBD:66, 101, 147
James, Millie SBD:65
Jefferson, Joseph SBD:130-131
Johnson, Orrin SBD:25
Jones, Mrs. W.G. SBD:67
Keim, Adelaide SBD:157
Kelcey, Herbert SBD:89, 102
Kendall, Ezra SBD:69, 107
Kilgour, Joseph SBD:178
Kimball, Grace SBD:179, 182
Krieghoff, Bertha SBD:182
Lackaye, James SBD:82
Lackaye, Wilton SBD:83
Langtry, Lily SBD:86-87
Laughlin, Anna SBD:34, 182, 187
LeMoyne, Sarah Cowell SBD:106
Leslie, Elsie SBD:71
Lewis, Dave SBD:30, 49
Loftus, Cissie (Cecelia) SBD:69, 98, 171
Lorraine, Robert SBD:112
Lowell, Helen SBD:70
MacDowell, Melbourne SBD:124
Mack, Andrew SBD:55, 81
Mack, William B SBD:36, SB 12:9
Maginn, Bonnie SBD:88
Mann, Louis SBD:69
Mannering, Mary SBD:59-60, 72, 144-145, 165, 168
Mansfield, Richard SBD:1-3, 26, 112, 149
Mantell, Robert SBD:124, 163
Marlowe, Julia SBD:16-18, 44, 82, 86, 99, 105, 119, 131, 172-173
Mason, John SBD:36, 54, 66, 95
Master Gabriel SBD:49
Master Jaynes SBD:70, 122
Matthieson, Edith Wynne SBD:91, 162
May, Edna SBD:185
McManns, May SBD:70
Miller, Agnes SBD:153
Miller, Henry SBD:108-109, 114, 151, 153, 180
Milliken, Sandol (fem.) SBD:62
Millward, Jessie SBD:51
Mitchell, Doris SBD:144-145
Montgomery, David SBD:182, 187
Morgan, D. Eloise SBD:103
Morgan, Edward SBD:49, 99, 114
Morris, Clara SBD:115
Morrison, Mabel SBD:55
Moulan, Frank SBD:161
Nethersole, Olga SBD:146-148
Nielsen, Alice SBD:12
Nordica, Lillian SBD:90
Norris, William SBD:44, 72, 86
Norwood, Adelaide SBD:90, 187
O’Neill, James SBD:80
Oaker, Jane SBD:106
Olcott, Chauncey SBD:81, 157
Opp, Julie SBD:115, 132, 142
Patti, Adelina SBD:9
Perry, Albert SBD:8
Pixley, Gus SBD:181
Plympton, Eben SBD:162
Post, Guy Bates SB12:30, 37, 44
Potter, Mrs. James Brown (Cora Urquhart) SBD:123, 185
Power, Tyrone SBD:107
Quinlan, Gertrude SBD:95, 100
Reed, Roland SBD: 110
Rehan, Ada SBD:19-21
Rice, Fanny SBD:131
Richaman, Charles SBD:126-127, 176-178
Ring, Blanche SBD:142
Roberts, Franklin SBD:101
Roberts, Theodore SBD:8
Robson, Eleanor SBD:22-24, 63, 106, 121, 192-193
Robson, Stuart SBD:107, 125
Rogers, Gus (Rogers Brothers) SBD:108
Rogers, Max (Rogers Brothers) SBD:108
Ross, Thomas W. SBD:53, 128
Rush, Isadore (fem.) SBD:100
Rushworth, Frank SBD:25
Russell, Annie SBD:54-56 (Stephen Grattan on reverse)
Russell, Lillian SBD:32-34, 39, 49, 160-161
Russell, Sol Smith SBD:103
Scheff, Fritz SBD:50, 90, 165
Seabrook, Thomas Q. SBD:148
Seeley, James SBD:8
Selwyn, Edgar SBD:164
Sembrich, Marcella SBD:94
Serrano, Vincent SBD:24, 128
Shannon, Effie SBD:89, 161
Simpson, Cheridah SBD:159
Skinner, Mrs. Otis (Maud Durbin?) SBD:11
Skinner, Otis SBD:10-11, 116-117, 121, 150, 156
Sothern, Edward H. SBD:4-6, 28, 30, 48-49, 69, 71, 171, 184
Spong, Hilda SBD:66-67, 87, 167
Stewart, William G. SBD:136
Stoddard, J.H. SBD:124
Stone, Fred SBD:182, 187
Stuart, Ralph SBD:144
Sykes, Jerome SBD:110, 153, 169, 194
Taber, Robert SBD:131
Taliaferro, Mabel SBD:49, 70, 87, 122, 129, 135
Tempest, Marie SBD:96-97, 186
Terry, Beatrice SBD:129
Terry, Edward SBD:162
Terry, Ellen SBD:119
Tilley, Vesta SBD:104, 160
Tree, Herbert Beerbohm SBD:136
Tynam, Brandon SBD:178
VanDresser, Marcia SBD:154-155
Walker, Charlotte SBD:8, 98
Walsh, Blanche SBD:71, 85, 90
Warde, Frederick SBD:66, 101
Warfield, David SBD:86
Warrington, Anna SBD:157
Webb, Nella SBD:182
Weber, Joseph SBD:66, 156, 161, 165
Wentworth, Estelle SBD:93
White, Ruth SBD:94, 96
Wiehe, Charlotte SBD:145
Willard, E.S. SBD:76
Williams, Fritz SBD:103, 114
Wills, Nat M. SBD:11
Wilson, Francis SBD:130, 140
Wilson, George W. SBD:137
Worthing, Frank SBD:159
Wynn, Bessie SBD:103
Zabelle, Flora SBD:103, 119
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