Mary Zimmerman Scrapbook

Dates: 1895-1948, 1953
Size: .5 linear feet
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Special Collections, 400 S. State St., Chicago, IL 60605
Collection Number: Archives_ZIM
Access: No restrictions
Citation: When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: Mary Zimmerman Scrapbook [Box #, Folder #], Special Collections, Chicago Public Library.

Biographical Note

Mary Zimmerman was born in autumn 1869, the daughter of a Cairo, Ill., businessman. She was graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1891, and received her master's of art from the University of Chicago in 1902. She was one of four original faculty members of John Marshall High School in Chicago's East Garfield Park neighborhood (3250 W. Adams Street), which opened in 1895. For the next 40 years, Miss Zimmerman taught Latin at Marshall, retiring in 1935. She was active in securing higher education scholarships for promising students, to whom she became known as "Aunt Mary."

Zimmerman took an interest in the fortunes of The Hebrew University founded in Jerusalem in 1925. Her extensive fund-raising work on behalf of the University was acknowledged by that institution when it named the Mary Zimmerman Classics Room in her honor. On the occasion of her 78th birthday in 1947, many of her former students contributed to a fund that commissioned artist Benjamin S. Kanne to paint Zimmerman's portrait. After being presented to the subject, it was ultimately sent to The Hebrew University to hang in the room named for her.

Although she taught school in East Garfield Park, Mary Zimmerman lived in Hyde Park. After her retirement, she continued to reside in Flamingo Hotel at 5520 South Shore Blvd. She died in Chicago, December 23, 1953, at 84. Her obituary appeared in newspapers nationwide, including the New York Times.

Scope and Content

The Zimmerman scrapbook appears to have been prompted by the presentation of the Kanne portrait in 1948, being a retrospective look at Zimmerman's life. The book may have been put together by someone for Zimmerman, although the presence of many things which could have been supplied only by Zimmerman herself seems to argue for at least her collaboration. A page-by-page descriptive inventory follows.

All items which found simply laid into the book or which had become unattached to the scrapbook pages, have been removed to folders in Box 2. See Contents List, below. The obituary (2:17) was obviously later laid into the volume by a thoughtful individual. Two 1954 Marshall High School newspapers, also laid into the scrapbook, have been removed to the East Garfield Park Community Collection.

All photographs in the scrapbook have been cataloged on photo file cards but are not separately inventoried in this Guide.

Separation Record

The following items have been removed to the location given.

Marshall News, 1954 Apr 19, 1954 Sep 7 East Garfield Park Community Collection (EGP)—Schools—John Marshall High School. EGP 16:4.

Container List

Box 1 Scrapbook (see Contents Listing by Page below)
Box 1 Page 1 Photo of painting, with inscription by artist Benjamin S. Kanne
Box 1 Page 2 Invitation to Presentation Tea, 1948 Apr 17
Box 1 Pages 3-5 Guests at Presentation Tea; newspaper clippings
Box 1 Pages 6-7 Guests at spring meeting of Scopus, Friends of the Hebrew University Dept. Of Education, 1948 May 23
Box 1 Page 8 Program and notes, fall meeting of Scopus, 1947 Oct 19
Box 1 Page 9 Poem, “A Gift to Aunt Mary on Her 78th Birthday” by Ida D. Fogelson
Box 1 Page 10 Blank
Box 1 Pages 11-13 Notes/clippings re Cairo, Illinois
Box 1 Page 13 Photograph of Mary Zimmerman in middle age, c. 1910
Box 1 Page 14 Two photographs of Mary Zimmerman, c. 1920
Box 1 Page 15 Three photo snapshots of painting presentation with artist Kanne
Box 1 Page 16 Photo of Louis J. Block
Box 1 Page 17 Photo of John Marshall High School, 1895; photo of first faculty
Box 1 Page 18 Photo of J. Raleigh Nelson, 1900 (JMHS teacher, 1894-1900)
Box 1 Page 19 News clippings, Zimmerman’s trip to Europe, 1928; photo
Box 1 Page 20 Photo of Emma Brewster, JMHS class of 1898
Box 1 Page 21 News clippings, trip to Europe (Germany/Spain) from The Marshall News, 1928
Box 1 Page 22 Mary Zimmerman, ALS from Italy, 1928 Dec 28; postcard; photo
Box 1 Page 23 Mary Zimmerman, TLS from Italy, 1929 Mar 30
Box 1 Page 24 Mary Zimmerman Portrait Committee, mimeo letter, 1948 Jan 15
Box 1 Page 25 Unsigned birthday card
Box 1 Page 26 Photo of Hattie Callner, autographed
Box 1 Pages 27-37 List of subscribers to portrait; notes re representation, 1948
Box 1 Page 39 The Hebrew University’s Mary Zimmerman Classics Room
Box 1 Page 40 Reproduction of painting depicting opening of Hebrew University, 1925 Apr 1
Box 1 Page 41 Leo Schwartz, TLS re American Friends of the Hebrew University, 1948 Jan 16
Box 1 Pages 42-43 Herold C. Hunt (Chicago Supt. Of Schools), photo and TLS
Box 1 Pages 44-45 George F. Cassell (First Asst. Supt. Of Schools), photo and ANsS
Box 1 Page 46 Blank
Box 1 Page 47 Poem, “Building a Temple”
Box 1 Page 48 Newspaper clippings re Zimmerman’s retirement, 1935
Box 1 Page 49 Address of George F. Cassell at retirement dinner
Box 1 Page 50 Rabbi Joseph Stolz, ALS
Box 1 Page 51 Newspaper clippings about retirement; poem by Willis J. Peelle
Box 1 Pages 52-53 Greetings on retirement
Box 1 Page 54 Photo of John Marshall High School, 1930s
Box 1 Pages 55-71 Letters and telegrams at time of retirement, 1935
Box 1 Pages 72-75 News clippings re retirement
Box 1 Pages 76-77 Hull House brochure and postcard; newsprint photo of Jane Addams
Box 1 Pages 78-79 Jane Addams (1860-1935), 4 ALsS to Mary Zimmerman; 1916 Jan 5, 1917 May 23, 1919 Dec 23, 1921 Dec 17
Box 1 Page 80 Mary Rose Potter, ALS, 1948 Apr 15
Box 1 Page 81 Photo of Jennie Franklin Purvin, autographed; postcard of The Chicago Public Library
Box 1 Pages 82-83 Main Bocher: telegrams, ANS, photo
Box 1 Pages 84-87 Main Bocher: clippings and ALsS
Box 1 Page 89 Clippings re John Marshall High School reunions
Box 1 Pages 90-91 The Hebrew University (Removed to separate folder)
Box 1 Page 92 Scopus issues, 1936-37
Box 1 Page 93 Covenant Club birthday dinner for Mary Zimmerman, 1939 Dec 6
Box 1 Page 94 A. P. Schoolman, TLS, 1939 Dec 4
Box 1 Page 95 Newspaper clippings from The Advocate re 70th birthday
Box 1 Pages 96-99 Newspaper clippings and greetings re birthday (part removed to separate folder)
Box 1 Pages 100-105 Telegrams received at time of 70th birthday, 1939
Box 1 Page 106 Copy of James Roosevelt’s TLS re The Hebrew University
Box 1 Page 107 Clippings/program, “A Century of Chicago Jewry,” 1942 May 2
Box 1 Page 108 Photo of Lena Zimmerman Fund
Box 1 Page 109 Lena Zimmerman Memorial Fund
Box 1 Page 110 Articles by Anita L. Lebeson
Box 1 Page 111 Mimeo TL by A. P. Schoolman, 1944 May 5 (Removed to separate folder)
Box 1 Page 112 Eliezer Rieger, TLS re The Hebrew University
Box 1 Page 113 Photos of The Hebrew University
Box 1 Page 114 Mary Zimmerman Classics Room project (Removed to separate folder)
Box 1 Page 115 Invitations to 75th birthday, 1944 Nov 6
Box 1 Pages 116-130 Greetings received on 75th birthday, including University of Michigan President Alexander G. Ruthven (Part removed to separate folder)
Box 1 Page 131 “Aunt Mary Confers with the Rabbinical Association” (Removed to separate folder)
Box 1 Pages 132-137 75th birthday greetings
Box 1 Pages 138-139 Guest book at 75th birthday (Removed to separate folder)
Box 1 Page 140 A. P. Schoolman, TLS, 1944 Dec 14
Box 1 Page 141 Reception at Blackstone Hotel, 1945 May 5
Box 1 Page 142 Two postcards, University of Chicago
Box 1 Pages 143-145 University of Chicago—1945 recipients of Alumni Citations (including Mary Zimmerman)
Box 1 Pages 146-147 U of C Citation
Box 1 Page 148 D. W. Senator, typed letter, 1946 Apr 25
Box 1 Page 149 University of Michigan (Removed to separate folder)
Box 1 Page 150 Copy of letter by Alexander M. Dushkin, 1947 June 17
Box 1 Pages 151-157 Invitations/clippings/greetings re 78th birthday, 1947
Box 1 Page 158 In memoriam: Lt. Allan L. Davis, Pvt. David R. Lebeson
Box 1 Page 159 Anita Libman Lebeson, TLS, 1948 Apr 13
Box 1 Pages 160-176 Fund-raising for Kanne portrait
Box 1 Page 163 Photo of Mary Bartleme
Box 1 Page 177 John Marshall High School class of 1898, 50th reunion (Part removed to separate folder)
Box 1 Page 178 Marion Talbot (1858-1948), obituary and AAUW tribute
Box 1 Pages 180-181 Mary Zimmerman Classics Room fund (Part removed to separate folder)
Box 1 Pages 182-185 The Hebrew University Department of Education
Box 1 Page 184 Death of Judah L. Magnes, president of Hebrew University
Box 1 Page 186 Blank
Box 1 Page 187 Clippings re Mary Zimmerman, University of Chicago Magazine
Box 1 Page 188 The Hebrew University
Box 1 Pages 190-195 Newspaper clippings re Israel becoming a nation, 1948
Box 1 Pages 196-199 George F. Cassell (Part removed to separate folder)
Box 2 Items removed from various pages
Box 2 Folder 1 The Hebrew University (pp. 90-91)
Box 2 Folder 2 Newspaper clippings/greetings on 70th birthday; 1939 (pp. 96-97)
Box 2 Folder 3 Lena Zimmerman, photo; circa 1920 (p. 108)
Box 2 Folder 4 A.P. Schoolman, mimeo letter; 1944 May 5 (p. 111)
Box 2 Folder 5 Mary Zimmerman Classroom Project, The Hebrew University
Box 2 Folder 6 Greetings on 75th birthday; 1944 (pp. 121-126)
Box 2 Folder 7 Aunt Mary confers with the Rabbinical Association (p. 131)
Box 2 Folder 8 75th birthday guest book; 1944 Nov 6 (pp. 138-139)
Box 2 Folder 9 University of Michigan (p.149)
Box 2 Folder 10 Fund raising for portrait (p.160)
Box 2 Folder 11 John Marshall High School class of 1898, 50th reunion (p.177)
Box 2 Folder 12 Mary Zimmerman Classics Room Fund (pp. 180-181)
Box 2 Folder 13 George F. Cassell (pp. 198-199)
Box 2 Items found loose in scrapbook
Box 2 Folder 14 Jewish New Year cards
Box 2 Folder 15 John Marshall High School—Miscellaneous
Box 2 Folder 16 Miscellaneous
Box 2 Folder 17 Obituary of Mary Zimmerman; 1953
Box 2 Folder 18 Photo of portrait by Benjamin S. Kanne; 1948
Box 2 Folder 19 Photos—Mary Zimmerman and one unidentified man
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