Italians in Chicago Project Records

Dates: 1979-1981
Size: 4 linear feet
Repository: Chicago Public Library, Harold Washington Library Center, Special Collections, 400 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605
Collection Number: Archives_ITAC
Provenance: Donated by the project director in 1981.
Access: University of Illinois allows photo copies to be made of this collection with the condition that each copy is stamped on the front with our "For Research Purposes Only" stamp. If a researcher wants to reproduce, in any way, any of this material in a publication or for a presentation etc. they must contact the Richard J. Daley Library's Special Collection Department at the University of Illinois in writing.
Citation: When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: Italians in Chicago Project Records, [Box #, Folder #], Special Collections, Chicago Public Library

Historical Note

The Italians in Chicago Project was a two-year, multi-faceted program undertaken by the Department of History at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle. The National Endowment for the Humanities provided the funding, for the purpose of documenting the Italian American experience in Chicago. The project included oral history interviews, a symposia series and an exhibition at the Chicago Public Library Cultural Center.

Scope and Content

For the oral history component of the project, 114 Italian Americans of various generations were interviewed. These taped interviews were then transcribed and assembled into booklets. This collection is comprised of copies of these transcripts.


The collection is comprised of one series: Series 1: Oral History Transcripts, 1979-1981, Boxes 1-8. Each transcript is bound separately. The interviews are identified by the subject's name, neighborhood and alpha/numeric code. The transcripts have been arranged alphabetically. Only a few are missing numbers 8, 10, 22, 67 and 70.

Twelve photographs are also included. These are copy prints of images presumably held at the University of Illinois at Chicago (see Related Material note below) and used in an exhibit at the Cultural Center co-sponsored by CPL in 1981. These photos were added to the collection in 2018.

Related Material

Other repositories for these transcripts are the Chicago Historical Society, the Italian Cultural Center and the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota. The archival collection, which resulted from this project (photos, documents and artifacts), is housed in the Manuscript Department at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Library.

Container List

Series I: Oral History Transcripts

Box # Folder # Interviewee Name Interviewee Neighborhood Alphanumeric Code
Box IIC 1 1 Accettura, Nick Franklin Park ACC-13
Box IIC 1 2 Amella, Joseph Bridgeport AME-71
Box IIC 1 3 Argenzio, Mary Grand Avenue ARG-89
Box IIC 1 4 Arrow, Rita Near West Side ARR-45
Box IIC 1 5 Augustine, Rosalie Melrose Park AUG-101
Box IIC 1 6 Augustine, Sister Mary 24th & Oakley AUG-108
Box IIC 1 7 Avignone, Mario Roseland AVI-7
Box IIC 1 8 Bacci, Gloria Anna West Side BAC-72
Box IIC 1 9 Baio, Sam Bridgeport BAI-81
Box IIC 1 10 Baldacci, Eddie 24th & Oakley BAL-73
Box IIC 1 11 Baldi, Mary Highwood BAL-102
Box IIC 1 12 Bertacchi, Aldo LaGrange BER-51
Box IIC 1 13 Bertucci, Frank H. Bridgeport BER-38
Box IIC 1 14 Bonevolonta, Mildred Melrose Park BON-93
Box IIC 2 1 Bruno, Mario (2 vols.) Chicago Heights BRU-39
Box IIC 2 2 Cali, Vito P. Near North Side CAL-58
Box IIC 2 3 Carsello, Jean Grand Avenue CAR-35
Box IIC 2 4 Casario, Tony Highwood CAS-95
Box IIC 2 5 Cassai, Judith Highwood CAS-109
Box IIC 2 6 Cassano, Anthony Burnside CAS-43
Box IIC 2 7 Catrabone, Frank N. Grand/Western CAT-18
Box IIC 2 8 Cesario, Joseph Melrose Park CES-19
Box IIC 2 9 Chidichimo, Agnes Bridgeport CHI-64
Box IIC 2 10 Clementi, Rose Chinatown CLE-47
Box IIC 2 11 Colella, Leonard West Side COL-l12
Box IIC 2 12 Corradetti, Frank Chicago Heights COR-65
Box IIC 2 13 Cosentino, Salvatore Near West Side COS-2
Box IIC 3 1 DalCason, Nina Roseland DAL-16
Box IIC 3 2 Dalle Molle, Ernesto Roseland DAL-61
Box IIC 3 3 D'Angelo, Rose (Rosa) Near West Side DAN-6
Box IIC 3 4 DeFacci, Robert Roseland DEF-40
Box IIC 3 5 DeFalco, Terese Near West Side DEF-60
Box IIC 3 6 DeFiglio, Jennie Near West Side DEF-17
Box IIC 3 7 DeLiberto, Frank California/Polk DEL-55
Box IIC 3 8 DeMarco, Antoinette Roseland DEM-36
Box IIC 3 9 DeStefano, Marco Grand Avenue DES-107
Box IIC 3 10 DiBenedetto, Anna Belmont/Cragin DIB-111
Box IIC 3 11 DiCicco, Anthony Belmont/Cragin DIC-105
Box IIC 3 12 DiMucci, Dominick Grand Avenue DIM-11
Box IIC 3 13 Dina, Umberto Near West Side DIN-12
Box IIC 3 14 Domke, Rena Near North Side DOM-87
Box IIC 4 1 Domm, Carmen Highwood DOM-97
Box IIC 4 2 Esposito, Louis Near West Side ESP-48
Box IIC 4 3 Fantozzi, Alfred 24th & Oakley FAN-74
Box IIC 4 4 Faustini, Antonio Austin FAU-27
Box IIC 4 5 Fiori, Charles Jr. Highwood FIO-l04
Box IIC 4 6 Fumarolo, Donald Near West Side FUM-69
Box IIC 4 7 Gentile, Joe 24th & Oakley GEN-77
Box IIC 4 8 Giannetti, Theresa Chicago Heights GIA-54
Box IIC 4 9 Giuliano, Leonard Grand Avenue GIU-31
Box IIC 4 10 Giuseffi, James Near West Side GIU-28
Box IIC 4 11 Giustino, Victor Grand Avenue GIU-24
Box IIC 4 12 Greco, Dante A. Highland Park GRE-66
Box IIC 4 13 Interlandi, Marietta River Grove/ Near North INT-15
Box IIC 4 14 Kowalski, Olivia Chicago Heights KOW-32
Box IIC 4 15 Lagatluta, Sarah Near North Side LAG-14
Box IIC 5 1 Lazzaretti, Valentino South Lawndale LAZ-5
Box IIC 5 2 Leonardi, Emilio Near West Side LEO-25
Box IIC 5 3 Leone, Alphonse C. Chicago Heights LEO-34
Box IIC 5 4 Licata, Grace West Side LIC-23
Box IIC 5 5 LoGiudice, Joseph (2 vols.) Near North Side LOG-94
Box IIC 5 6 Mancini, Domenico Belmont/Cragin MAN-110
Box IIC 5 7 Manella, Mary Bridgeport MAN-50
Box IIC 5 8 Mariani, Frank West Side MAR-20
Box IIC 5 9 Marro, Nicholas Melrose Park MAR-114
Box IIC 5 10 Marsik, Adelia West Side MAR-52
Box IIC 5 11 Martorano, Joachim Near North Side MAR-90
Box IIC 5 12 Mazzei, Philomena (2 vols.) West Side MAZ-1
Box IIC 5 13 Mirabella, Rosemund 24th & Oakley MIR-68
Box IIC 6 1 Morandine, Rena Roseland MOR-96
Box IIC 6 2 Moreschi, Americo Near West Side MOR-3
Box IIC 6 3 Mugnaini, Umberta Chicago-Pulaski MUG-4
Box IIC 6 4 Muzzacavallo, Constance and Bruno Roseland MUZ-99
Box IIC 6 5 Muzzarelli, Joe Highwood MUZ-59
Box IIC 6 6 Neri, James Belmont/Cragin NER-106
Box IIC 6 7 Occhipinti, Salvatore Near North Side OCC-49
Box IIC 6 8 Ori, Sam Highwood ORI-56
Box IIC 6 9 Pandolfi, Dominic Chicago Heights PAN-29
Box IIC 6 10 Pane, Angelo Near North Side PAN-98
Box IIC 6 11 Panico, Louis Near West Side PAN-42
Box IIC 6 12 Parise, Florence Roseland PAR-83
Box IIC 6 13 Passarella, Daniel Melrose Park PAS-103
Box IIC 6 14 Patti, Angelo Grand Avenue PAT-92
Box IIC 6 15 Penio, Paul Near North Side PEN-82
Box IIC 7 1 Perpoli, Thomas Near West Side PER-85
Box IIC 7 2 Provenzano, Joseph Brookfield PRO-75
Box IIC 7 3 Pulcini, Carlo Mario Chicago Heights PUL-41
Box IIC 7 4 Rafaelli, Philip Near North Side RAF-84
Box IIC 7 5 Rago, Susan Belmont/Cragin RAG-113
Box IIC 7 6 Raia, Louis Near North Side RAI-57
Box IIC 7 7 Rosa, Joe Melrose Park ROS-100
Box IIC 7 8 Roselli, Florence (2 vols.) Terra Cotta ROS-44
Box IIC 7 9 Roth, Lois Chicago Heights ROT-46
Box IIC 7 10 Sabella, Margaret Bridgeport SAB-53
Box IIC 7 11 Scarrelli, Emilia (2 vols.) Grand Avenue SCA-91
Box IIC 8 1 Spallita, Lawrence Lake View SPA-21
Box IIC 8 2 Sparvieri, Pasqua Chicago Heights SPA-33
Box IIC 8 3 Tarabori, Lina 24th & Oakley TAR-78
Box IIC 8 4 Tellerino, Rose Bridgeport TEL-26
Box IIC 8 5 Terracina, Marisa Highwood TER-76
Box IIC 8 6 Teruty, Elena Melrose Park TER-9
Box IIC 8 7 Tieri, Nick Chicago Heights TIE-3O
Box IIC 8 8 Tonietto, Angeline Grand Avenue TON-88
Box IIC 8 9 Ungari, Joe Belmont UNG-86
Box IIC 8 10 Valente, Caterina Bridgeport VAL-63
Box IIC 8 11 Valiani, Maria 24th & Oakley VAL-80
Box IIC 8 12 Yelmini, Amadeo Chicago/Western YEL-62
Box IIC 8 13 Zaranti, Nick Chicago Heights ZAR-37
Box IIC 8 14 Zoppetti, Carmella Roseland ZOP-79


Box 8 Folder 15 12 photographic copy prints of images presumably held at the University of Illinois at Chicago and used in an exhibit at the Cultural Center co-sponsored by CPL in 1981.
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